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These 34 chapters in the first instance are to be seen by the Project Editor, Silvy.
With all best wishes,
  • Joseph, Catherine - India <>, McMullin, Tanya - Oxford <>
  • Tanya Macmullin, Associate Editor, Social Sciences, John Wiley & Sons. Associate Books Editor, Social Sciences, at John Wiley & Sons, Oxford.
  • MA Publishing Studies (Distance Learning) student.. Final contract received 13th Feb 2017.
  • Graduate in European Studies & International Relations at University of Portsmouth
  • Associate Books Editor, Social Sciences, at John Wiley & Sons, Oxford. MA Publishing Studies student. Graduate in European Studies & International Relations at University of Portsmouth.
  • Tanya Macmullin, Associate Editor, Social Sciences (John Wiley & Sons) 13th Feb 2017

  • Silvy Achankunju -- India -- Wiley Silvy Achankunju <>

Tanya Mcmullin

  • Tanya Mcmullin - Oxford <>
  • Dear Doug (if I may)
  • I’m very sorry that you did not have my email address already and that you had to search linkedin for me.
  • That’s really great to hear that the book is complete. I will leave it in Silvy’s capable hands for the manuscript assessment and to prepare it for production. I do have access to the dropbox so I will take a look there.
  • I have asked our Editorial Assistant, Joe White, to tie up any loose ends and to check that all of the Contributor Agreements have been issued now that we have the finalised list of contributors so you may hear that these are on their way.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance during the next stages, I will be in touch again as the manuscript is moved into Production.
  • With kindest regards
  • Tanya

Silvy Achankunju - New Chapters

I sent a package of chapters 7-34 yesterday Feb 1 2017 - Did you get them?

Dear Dr. White,  22 nov 2016
Thank you for sharing the (sample) chapters.
I would like to confirm the receipt of 19 chapters and 1 ToC file. The files seem fine to me.
I will be waiting for the remaining 4-5 chapters as you mentioned. Kindly let me know when it is done.

Thank you for your email.

Abstract can be provided either separately or can include it in the chapter starting (which ever suits you the best). However, I would like to inform abstracts and keywords will appear only in the online versions of the book and not in the print version.

Dear Doug,

Thank you for your email.

I would like to confirm that I have made the recommended changes in the Table of Contents. However, I wanted to discuss a very important aspect of your book: the word count.

The contracted word count is 275,000 against your submitted word count of 170,652 words. The Commissioning Editor’s opinion on this regard is to request you to write few more chapters to reach as close as possible to the contracted limit.

Please let me know if it is possible to include significantly more content for this purpose?

I hope you would understand that the difference in word count is a matter of concern from Wiley’s point of view.

Best wishes,


The latest content preparation advice for our authors can be found at

I would like to bring in to your focus that Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 appear pretty much similar/ with very little changes (attached received files).

Chapter 13 details(author and title name) given in Table of contents are different from the chapter file received. Could you please confirm that I have received the correct files?

Also, Chapter 21 “V. C. de Munck, j. McGreevey, A. Korotayev." "Is Romantic Love a Cross-Cultural Universal?” is provided without a title. Please confirm the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,


Dear Dr. White

Pleasure to meet you!

As Roshna has signed off, I will be taking over her responsibilities and will be pleased to assist you in publishing your book. I would like to inform that the processing of all chapters will be at a single go.

One thing: I have received the manuscript files from Roshna and have noticed that the Table of contents do not appear to match with the chapters you provided. It would be very helpful if you can confirm the order of chapters/provide an updated list. For further convenience, I have attached the TOC and the screen shots of chapters I received.

Kindly check on this and let me know what changes are required.

Please feel free to contact in case of any queries.


Silvy Achankunju Project Editor Professional Practice and Learning Tel: 91 (0)44 4395 0516 Email:

The latest content preparation advice for our authors can be found at

Equation Guidelines using Microsoft Word


 All displayed equations and all inline mathematics – even single variables – must be generated in MathType/Equation Editor 3.0.  No mathematics should be inserted into the text as graphics, or keyed in as text.  No equations should be partially set in MathType/Equation Editor 3.0 and partially keyed in as text.  Please submit a PDF with your manuscript. Check the PDF carefully, particularly the inline mathematics and displayed equations. The PDF will be treated as the master version.

How to use MathType:
This can be acquired from and is available for Mac and

Silvy replaces Roshna Rohan India Wiley

Tanya McMullin Has Sent You Companion to Cross-Cultural Research - Contract Amendment to Sign

Tanya McMullin (Wiley Publishing) says: "Dear all

  • Please sign the contract amendment letter for Companion to Cross-Cultural Research, by completing the highlighted fields and pressing 'Click to Sign'. Once fully signed, you will receive a PDF copy by email. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me at
  • Kindest regards Tanya McMullin "