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Agent based modeling makes the cover of Science Michael North, Argonne labs




Mark Altaweel



Simulation support

IMBS scholar Steve Doubleday has created a site as a first step towards distributed simulations and simulations that can be more easily replicated. It shows two examples of simulations you can download and run (one of them is a City Networks model built for the Tsallis q historical cities and city-sizes project, phase II, where we include city sizes, growth dynamics, trade networks, and geographic placements in the process modeling. The two examples are run using Java Web Start. Both examples make use of the RepastJ agent-based simulation framework.

Evolution of Religion

Simulation: "Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation? An Agent-Based Model Provides the Answer" by James Dow may appear in JASSS - contact him to download: The article and SciLab program to simulate the evolution of religion

Ethnomathematical simulation

Simulations of cultural arts—Native American beadwork, African American cornrow hairstyles, urban graffiti, and so forth—using these underlying mathematical principles. Ron Eglash Audrey Bennett Casey O’Donnell Sybillyn Jennings Margaret Cintorino Culturally Situated Design Tools: Ethnocomputing from Field Site to Classroom. American Anthropologist 108(2): pp. 347–362.

Avatar Agents Virtual Avatar: "Technology that captures a person's entire body and its movements in real time and injects them into a virtual environment could revolutionise computer games and virtual worlds" (New Scientist newsletter 17 Aug 2007).

Robot Friendships

see Outreach to schools


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