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Social Dynamics and Complexity @ UC Irvine

Annual report 2009-2010

Social Dynamics and Complexity Research Group

The focused research group in Social Dynamics and Complexity, headed by Professor Douglas White, has a mediawiki “InterSciWiki” web site for complexity, dynamics, and network sciences, 16 core members and 13 affiliates. It has a 5 year-long track record in biweekly videoconferences across the four UC campuses, and on-demand streaming replays of speakers in complexity social sciences and student/faculty discussions. The "idea is to have interdisciplinary and intercampus graduate seminars" carried out without the need of any formal institutional funding or administration. Each subgroup in this loose teaching/research network has their own graduate students, and undergraduates participate as well. The peer-reviewed e-journal of anthropological and related sciences, Structure and Dynamics, continues, and has now published 49 open access articles, widely cited (1,850 Google:hits, 167 Google Scholar listed articles, and 4000+ downloads), with 5 articles forthcoming in the next two issues. With completion of a fifth year in 2010 the group hopes to be indexed in the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). The group was the subject of a featured article by UCOP and the President's Office of Berkeley electronic Press, and is featured in the AA Newsletter.

The newly created UC eRepository version of World Cultures: eJournal of Cross-Cultural Research has only begun to publish its first three issues with 13 articles but already has 1,450 Google:hits, 50 Google Scholar listed articles, 1000+ downloads, and will publish 15 legacy issues while it moves forward with new issues.

The group has initiated EduMod sites on its InterSciWiki for open access instruction in a variety of research methodologies, from structural cohesion in social networks to causal analysis with “Peer effects.” It is in a second round of NSF grant submittals for intermeshed projects titled “Networks and Multilevel Anthropology” (D. White PI, D. Bell Co-PI) and “A New Dynamic Productive-Wealth Code for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample” (D. Bell PI, D. White Co-PI). White has taken MBS graduate students for research projects the Santa Fe Institute three times in past years and will do so again this summer.

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@ Asu

There is also a Social Dynamics and Complexity group at ASU