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C++ clustertool Software for 2007 Role Models for Complex Networks, (Jörg Reichardt, drw). European Physical Journal B 60: 217-224. Selected for Europhysics News 39(1):11 2008

Dear Doug, finally I wrote something up so one can actually use the software and also display some data. I wrote a rather lengthy manual for the software as well, it's not at all perfect and probably less than an alpha-state. But I think there is lots to play with now;-)

There are two packages. The first one can deal with both 2 mode and one-mode data (directed and undirected), but only one link type.

The second can deal with one-mode data only, but also with multiple link types. It shouln't be too hard to get this running for two-mode data as well if needed.

I hope you can compile on your system. I did not have a cygwin here to test, but it compiles on my mac and on my linux machines, so you should be fine.

There are also a number of perl scripts that allows to plot data, extract block models and this kind of things. If you install graphviz NOT WORKING LOOKS OBSOLETE from you can make the same nice pictures that we have in our paper. I must admit that the automatic layout needs to tweaked almost always, though.

So I hope you can run the software ...

Jörg (if others want it they can email me (reichardt(include your at here), but its evolved software and not a designed package)

Hi Jörg

Can you send me the software with source code? I am also interested in your work and have sent you the email, but always the email will be rejected by your mail server.

My email is, Thank you very much!


Beijing Jiaotong University,China