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UTube demo

sp Dekstrus DNE] promoted initially as freeware for students, teachers

To: Anthropology Faculty.

My name is Arlo Murphy, and the company I work for, Dekstrus, has developed a piece of research software that I think would be ideal for professors and graduate students (or anybody who does research). We are selling it for $1250, but we would like to give it to you and your students for free.

To find out more about why this tool is perfect for students, professors and researchers, go to:

We want to make our money from the business community, not from scholars. What we want from scholars in exchange for the software is (nonexclusive) permission to publish some work they produce using it. We get to build a powerful knowledge base; you or your students get free, cutting-edge software. And, if you send us work done for lectures, courses or papers, you get it in exchange for work they have to do anyway.

Click the link above to find out more, and please forward this email to your students, or to any researcher who you think might benefit from our offer.

I hope to hear from you,



Arlo Murphy Dekstrus

  1. 3-178 Wright Ave

Toronto, ON M6R 1L2 416-519-7329 toll free: 1-800-497-0416