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Anthropological Methods and Models 2008

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Laurent Tambayong Cal State Fullerton

According to Nekee (The staff grad student coordinator in the dept.) she has sent 7-8 applications from our students to take your course to OGS for approval. There is no question they will be approved. So our students are winding their way through the system, but should appear soon. Ill check with Nekee and get more info on specific names, etc. - G.

UCSD Alicia Boswell <>, Andrew Somerville <>, Ashwin Budden <>, Beth Plunger <>, John McGraw <>, Karen Nickels <>, Megan Pitcavage <>, Sarah Baitzel <>, Ted Gideonse <>

Sarah Baitzel Anthro
Alicia Boswell Anthro
Ashwin Budden Anthro/Cog Sci
Karen Nickels Anthro
John McGraw Anthro/Cog Sci
Megan Pitcavage Anthro
Beth Plunger Anthro
Andrew Somerville Anthro
Ted Gideonse Anthro 
  • Ben Volta <>,
  • Celia de Jong <>,
  • Edward Glayzer <>,
  • Marc Beherec <>,
  • Naomi Haynes <>,
  • Pri Karunaratne <>,
  • Sonja Schwake <>,


Khaldun Bshara Anthro
Catherine Anne Forsman I&C Sci
Laurent Tambayong SDC/MBS

NIKKI Hello Doug,

Below you will find information from our Office of Graduate Studies (OGS)on Intercampus Exchange. The students listed below have already submitted their applications to UCSD's OGS and once approved, the applications should be sent over to UCI for more approvals. It will probably take a couple of weeks before you actually see the students' names on a roster.

Thanks, Nikki

Intercampus Exchange Program for Graduate Students The Intercampus Exchange Program allows a graduate student may study and perform research on any campus within the UC system. Student obtains form from graduate coordinator or OGS.


· Applications must be completed and filed with OGS no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the exchange is to occur.

· A UCSD student must have completed at least one quarter of study prior to beginning an exchange.

· Informal arrangements should be made between student and department faculty on the two campuses. Upon agreement of all concerned, student obtains and completes the necessary application.

· The student's advisor must approve the application. Forward the application to OGS for approval by the Graduate Dean.

· OGS then forwards it to the host campus graduate division for approval by the appropriate department and graduate dean. NO REGISTRATION PROCEDURES ON EITHER CAMPUS CAN BE COMPLETED until the fully approved application is in the hands of each campus' Registrar.

· Fees are paid at home campus. Once notified from the host campus, the student enrolls in applicable courses.

Graduate students must adhere to all registration and fee deadlines as published in the UCSD Schedule of Classes.