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Cross-Cultural Research: A Cumulative Database and its Uses

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Studies published in World Cultures, using Murdock's Data or Murdock and White's Standard Sample, providing new codes, new explanations of existing codes; and software programs for Cross-Cultural analysis

William Divale, Patrick Gray and Douglas White, Editors 2002-2008


2003 World Cultures 13(2: Douglas R. White Cross-Cultural Research: An Introduction for Students

2003 World Cultures 13(2) Douglas R. White A Student's Guide to Statistics for Analysis of Cross-Tabulations

2004 World Cultures 15(2):153-170 E. Anthon Eff Does Mr. Galton Still Have a Problem? Auto-correlation in the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample

2003 World Cultures 14(2): 144-154 James Dow Using R for Cross-Cultural Research


2002 World Cultures 13(2): 110-146 Trevor Denton Indirect Reconstruction of World Prehistory by Quantitative, Ethnographic Analogy: Methods Using Correlates of Strictly Increasing, Elementary, Societal Processes.

2007 World Cultures 16(1): 62-122 Trevor Denton Society to 2050 AD: Anthropological Forecasts Extrapolating Correlates of Modernization

2001-2002 World Cultures 12(2): 179-203 Andrey Korotayev An Apologia of George Peter Murdock. Division of Labor by Gender and Postmarital Residence in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Reconsideration

2003 World Cultures 14(2): 111-143 James DeMeo A 'Saharasian' Climate-Linked Geographical Pattern in the Global Cross-Culural Data on Human Behavior

2002 World Cultures 13(1): 2-21 William Jankowiak, Diane Nell, and Anne Buckmaster Extra-marital Affairs: A Reconsideration of the Meaning and Universality of the Double Standard

2000 World Cultures 11(2): 138-151 Rob Veneziano Are Cross-Cultural Codes For Paternal Proximity And Paternal Warmth Measuring Similar Phenomena?

2001 World Cultures 12(1): 2-17 Garry Chick and John W. Loy Making Men of Them: Male Socialization for Warfare and Combative Sports

1999 World Cultures 10(1): 7-22 William Divale and Albert Seda Codes on Gossip for Societies in the Standard Sample

1994 World Cultures 8(2): 40-57 Analytic Technologies Andrew R. Hoy The Relationship Between Male Dominance and Militarism: Quantitative Tests of Several Theories

1994 World Cultures 8(1) Analytic Technologies Bobbi S. Low Pathogen Intensity Cross-Culturally


2002 World Cultures 13(1): 62-98 Daria Khaltourina, Andrey Korotayev and William Divale A Corrected Version of the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample Database

1999 World Cultures 10(1):23 J. Patrick Gray Revised SCCS Codes: St09.Dat, St10.Dat, St12.Dat And St53.Dat (Ethnographic Atlas) SCCS coded and labeled data in Spss SCCS coded and labeled data in R

1999 World Cultures 10(1):24-85 J. Patrick Gray A Corrected Ethnographic Atlas

Ethnographic Atlas coded data in Excel Ethnographic Atlas coded and labeled data in Spss


1994 World Cultures 8(1) Analytic Technologies Michael Winkelman Subsistence and Sociopolitical Conditions: SCCS Variable Descriptions and Reliability 1

1994 World Cultures 8(2):3-5 Analytic Technologies Michael Winkelman Child Rearing and Socialization: SCCS Variable Descriptions and Reliability 2


1995 World Cultures 9(1): 1-36. Hartmut Lang CONAN - An Electronic Code-Text Database for Cross-Cultural Studies 2003 World Cultures 14(1): 1-47. Peter Peregrine Atlas of Cultural Evolution 2010 reprint Microsoft Academic Publications See also 2011 reprint Measurement of cultural complexity (Citations: 84) P Murdock, C. Provost. Published in 1973. Microsoft Academic Publications 2000 World Cultures 11(1): 102-117, Reprinted from Ethnology 9:165-207, 1970. George Peter Murdock Kin Term Patterns And Their Distribution

2000 World Cultures 11(1): 118 Douglas R. White A Note On Replication In Kinship Terminology

2000 World Cultures 11(2): 152-170 William Divale and Albert Seda Cross-Cultural Codes of Modernization

2001 World Cultures 12(1):99-104 William Divale Codes on Highest Number Counted for the Standard Sample

2001 World Cultures 12(1):77-93 Sissel Schroeder Secondary Disposal of the Dead: Cross-Cultural Codes

1994 World Cultures 8(1) Analytic Technologies Robert Dirks Starvation and Famine among SCCS Societies

1994 World Cultures 8(2):6-36 Analytic Technologies Candice Bradley The Household Division of Work: SCCS Codes


1994 World Cultures 8(2):37-39 Analytic Technologies Douglas R. White Fisher-B: A Program for an Exact Significance Test for Three-Way Interaction Effects

1995 World Cultures 9(1) Douglas R. White and J. Patrick Gray CORR-REL: A Program for Reliability Analysis and Optimal One-Factor Scaling

2000 World Cultures 11(1):570 Douglas R. White Manual for Statistical Entailment Analysis

2002 World Cultures 13(1): 22-38 Bruce A. Maxwell, Frederic L. Pryor, and Casey Smith Cluster Analysis in Cross-Cultural Research