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. Tolga Oztan

Ufuk - Iskander
Tolga Oztan
Dwight Read

Dec 30

Dear Doug and Lilyan,

I hope all is well with you. I wish you a merry Christmas !! How is life in La Jolla?

I am settling more in Amsterdam - learning some Dutch and moving to a place of my own. I am still at helping the company with their statistical tests they run on their online platform. I read some interesting books lately - Turchin's Ages of Discord is especially interesting in terms of the predictions he makes for current day US - applying his theory to US as a case study. Also bought Joseph Henrich's The Secret of Our Success but didn't get the chance to read it yet. But it looks interesting - an entire chapter on in-laws, so I am intrigued.

Hope you are doing great.



great you're able to start learning Dutch! Lots of English speakers there too! And that you'll have your own apartment!

Will search out Turchin's Ages of Discord and Henrich's Secret of Out Success let me know which you like best so I can start with the one with a short synopsis, or the one you like best...

Outstanding that you're set up there, its a great country and you're organized to benefit

Dec 1 2017

(from Dwight Read)

I just ran across a working paper (2013) version of your chapter for the cross-culture research book and I noticed one comment that involves a misreading of what I wrote.

You write: “Read asserts, however, that “There is no society in which kin terms cannot be given categorical (even if incomplete) definition using genealogical relations and a genealogical tree of cultural genealogical relations can be computed using the same recursive logic by which a biological pedigree is constructed by geneticists” (Read 2014:22), which is a small but important stretch. WiBrWi is outside both the genealogical tree and the co-parent relation. Geneticists recognize the co-parent relation as biological (with its cultural analogy to marriage) in producing a child but while the SCCS data suggest that WiBrWi kin terms are kin terms they do not refer to biological pedigrees. “

Your phrase “WiBrWi kin terms are kin terms they do not refer to biological pedigrees” suggests that you read my sentence as I am saying that kin terms refer to biological pedigrees. I can see how one might read my sentence in that manner, but by the phrase “using the same recursive logic by which a biological pedigree is constructed by geneticists” all I meant was that genealogical relations and a genealogical tree are computed using recursion, just as a pedigree is computed using recursion, NOT that a genealogical tree is a pedigree! Genealogies are NOT pedigrees as they express parent-child relations in accordance with cultural understanding of what constitutes being a parent or a child, and while the latter may coincide with a genetic parent or a genetic child in practice, that is NOT what I mean by being a parent or a child in a genealogical sense.

All that I was trying to say is that recursion is used to form a genealogical tree (e.g., mother, mother of mother, mother of mother of father and so on) just as geneticists use recursion to form a pedigree (genetic mother, genetic mother of genetic mother, genetic mother of genetic mother of genetic father and so on) but differ qualitatively by the fact that what is meant by “mother” in the context of a genealogy is NOT “genetic mother,” but what is culturally understood by “mother.” A “WiBrWi kin term” most certainly is NOT defined by saying that it “refer[s] to biological pedigrees”. Regrettably, my wording allowed for a reading contrary to what I intended and contrary to what I’ve argued in numerous publications. To put it simply: genealogies are not pedigrees, so a genealogical category of genealogical relations associated with a kin term is NOT a category of biological relations making up a pedigree.

Of course, by what WiBrWi means, one is using recursion—WiBrWi is the “wife of brother of wife” – and so a kin term that includes WiBrWi as a referent is a kin term whose genealogical definition includes WiBrWi defined recursively; that is, WiBrWi is a recursively determined genealogical relation that is included in a kin term whose referent includes WiBrWi, which is all that what I meant by “… no society in which kin terms cannot be given categorical (even if incomplete) definition using genealogical relations.” I had no intention of somehow implying that pedigrees are involved in genealogies, but regrettably my wording did not make that clear. Unfortunately, my wording in my analogy with pedigrees, intended simply to clarify for readers that genealogies are based on the logic of recursion, allowed for a reading that I did not intend.



June 2017

Hi Lilyan and Doug,

Very nice to hear from you. Sorry I couldnt write much recently. I am writing this from work so it will be short but will write a longer e-mail soon.

I would like to help Ulla as best as I can. Translation is a hard job so not sure how good a job I can do but I will contact them and we can see what can be done.

Sending you much love and a promise of a longer e-mail soon.


May 2017

Tolga, from Lilyan and Doug

We talked on the phone today with Ulla Johansen. This is Lilyan's email to you

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: 	Ulla Johansen offer to you
Professor Johansen is having her 90th birthday She was a power - the most powerful female anthropologist in Germany, and her students populated various universities in Germany, especially Hamburg etc. In any case she has a manuscript of a book that she has written or co-written and that needs to be translated from Turkish to English. She said you were interested in working with that material on the Kurds I believe that she would share credit on the book and that you could have all the royalties and she even has a publisher in mind. I am sending you by a second email her communication with us that has her email and where she gives us the new telephone at her house. She lives in Cologne and with another major author on the Kurds. Her old friend, Peter Andrews, many years on the Cologne faculty. He is returning to Cologne to live there.

No doubt you could visit her for short or long periods as she has a large house with different floors. She is very fascinating...a great ethnographer and very impressed with what she has heard about you from Doug.

Much love to you and your wonderful family....please see 2nd email to be sent today by us to you for her telephone number and her email is on that 2nd email. You can just copy the information on it. She is very wonderful and warm and she would love you and she already has a strong image of you in mind as if you both already know each other.

Hi Doug,

In the cossci website: 

if you choose from the left-side panel

DEf01f Dow Eff

and then fill out the window at the bottom of the screen called

Variables to Plot:

with the variable name you want to plot, if I remember correctly that plot generates the map.

Hope this helps.


Dear Tolga and Doug,

I have copied Doug in in case your email is elsewhere without updating me.

Sorry this is rather close to the deadline, but just saw the following call for fellowships for the Turing Institute in London:

Deadline is 20th December, but they are not wanting a difficult submission if you can produce a three page proposal large on vision and short on details.

Basically they want a CV and the proposal and a pre-print or two. And someone with vision, which I think you have in abundance. Start date is a years time.

Mike Fischer

June 26 2015: I will send your colleague Jeroen Bruggeman a message

in University of Amsterdam a message soon as I arrive in Holland. I actually even met him in person during the Sunbelt Conference in Hamburg. At the time, he was working on lagged networks very similar to our DEf functions. Dalit, Filiz

Tolga Facebook

RSweave file that incorporates LaTeX and R code and compiles the pdf file I sent you as the final product.

Tolga Oztan

278 4027

6340 Adobe Circle Irvine CA 92617

Ufuk Ak Married 2017 with Iskander ! 00905322835663

Hi Tolga:

Register: Select: Satellite Spec Code: SatelliteRate

Lyn Mowafy

See you at CCS’15 September 28 - October 2, 2015 Tempe, Arizona

Tolga: I have just registered for the conference.

Ok, good -- if not one of our datasets, what does it contain?

Forwarded Message --------

Subject: Re: RE: Wiley Chapter Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 16:24:12 -0700 From: Bahattin Tolga Oztan <> To: Doug White <>

Just checked my inbox.Gabriel Acevedo did send me a later e-mail and its SCCS. So we are all good. I will get to this this later this week/ weekend and have something by Monday.


On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 4:21 PM, Bahattin Tolga Oztan <> wrote:

   Hi Doug,

The more sophisticates strategy is DEf Wy. If I remember correctly, I had asked for the dataset we would be using for this analysis from Gabriel just to make sure that it could be implemented in the DEf framework.