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The instructions for UC students at other campuses, e.g., UCSD, to enroll at UCI are as follows:

From "Karina Bocanegra" <k.bocanegra@rgs.uci.edu>

  1. The students need to fill-out an Intercampus Exchange Application and obtain approve signatures from UCSD.
  2. The students should contact the UCSD Intercampus Exchange Coordinator, Michelle Carlson at (858) 534-3551 or mmcarlson@ucsd.edu with any questions about Intercampus Exchange and to submit the application.
  3. Michelle Carlson will send me the application. I will make sure that the appropriate people at UCI review it and approve it.
  4. I will send the students a letter notifying them that their request to attend UCI for Winter 2009 was approved. Also, they will receive an Add/Drop Card in the mail to register at UCI.
  5. The students will need your signature on an Add/Drop Card to enroll, e.g., in Anthro 299.
  6. The students will bring their completed Add/Drop Card to me and I will help them complete their registration at UCI.
Karina Bocanegra
Student Affairs Officer
UCI Graduate Division 
120 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-3180
Phone: (949) 824- 7457
Fax: (949) 824- 9096