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From Tony Soeller: Our ESRI Site License includes ArcGIS Server. I have the software running on a server at NACS with a couple of applications, one for the California FIRES;


Professor Tanis Thorne in History uses another for her class on North American Indians:

http://praha.nacs.uci.edu/nai (At some point in the near future I will move that service to the server which is my operational server now. -- Tony Soeller)

and a third for Peter Jones in Dept of Education concerns the No Child Left Behind program for schools in California.


Both of these applications run on ArcGIS Server 9.2 and are quite slow because I have not incorporated caching. This week at the conference I have been attending many sessions on ArcGIS Server and on caching techniques. I plan to install version 9.3 soon on the server and then make these two applications run fast. I will also incorporate some ESRI ArcGIS Online Service data, such as roads and imagery. Those data products run fast. I'm quite excited about the enhancements to ArcGIS Server.

To build an ArcGIS Server application, the first step is to assemble all the GIS data and develop sympology for the various layers using ArcMap. Then the ArcMap "MXD" file and all the associated data files are copied to ArcGIS Server wherein a service is constructed.

If you want to do something with ArcGIS Server then, like Peter and Tanis, let's work together to construct your map and put it onto my server (no charge). Later, if you want your own copy of ArcGIS Server running on your own server hardware, you can purchase ArcGIS Server from NACS. The cost for that product is $265.

NACS distributes all the ESRI products on campus.

As and aside, you can get free one-year student copies of ArcGIS 9.3 for any students you have that want to work with the software. I'll give you details on that later.

You are welcome for the ticket! Glad you could attend.

I will be at the ESRI User Conference Friday too, and will attend the Town Hall Meeting starting at 10:30.

Aug 9 2008

Doug White to Tony, Douglas show details Aug 9 Reply


has six regional maps of the world with my SCCS data coordinates for each

Could we set these up on your server?

Then I have a SPSS file with 2000+ variables

I had earlier broken them up into smaller dbf files. They have lat and long coords. I would like them to have clickable variable names with symbols of the integers used in each code.



Aug 9 2008


This looks do-able. Probably we would set up the ArcGIS Server service for your data using ESRI's ArcGIS Online data as the basemap and your points (dynamically selectable) on top of the base map.

The online basemap data we can use are described here: http://resources.esri.com/arcgisonlineservices/index.cfm?fa=Services_Directory

We can use anything that is not "Prime." So, for instance, the World Shaded Relief Imagery could be used under your data. (If you click on that image on the page above, an interactive viewer will appear that gives you a sense of how the image will appear in ArcGIS Server.)

Of course, we could always build our own custom background GIS data too if what they offer via ArcGIS Online is not what you want.

I will be on vacation, and variously checking email, until August 28. After that date I will uninstall ArcGIS Server 9.2 from my server and install ArcGIS Server 9.3. I will then work to optimize the two existing services and start to build more applications, including yours. So we should plan to meet on, say, August 30 or the next week to discuss what you want to have running on ArcGIS Server.

My apologies about the hat. I had the straw hat all week but that morning opted for my UCSB hat. I was in the room when I recognized my error and looked around for you. Sorry for that.

Hope you enjoyed the conference.


Aug 9 2008

Doug White to tsoeller show details 5:35 PM (17 hours ago) Reply

Tony, tell me, if I look in on that site to http://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/ESRI_ShadedRelief_World/GlobeServer there is an nmg format and an .lyr file they want me to open them but the latter says ArcMap does not support this format How can I view one or both?

Aug 9 2008

Doug White to tsoeller show details 5:38 PM (17 hours ago) Reply

the .nmf seems to want ArcGIS explorer but that didnt come with my installation.

Tony Soeller to me show details 10:13 AM (17 minutes ago) Reply


They have a ESRI_ShadedRelief_World_2D which can be opened with ArcMap and a ESRI_ShadedRelief_World which is a globe service that can be opened with ArcGIS Explorer (a free download from the ESRI website) or with ArcGlobe, which is included with the ArcGIS software. You should be able to accesses ArcGlobe via Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGlobe.

To open the World Shaded Relief in ArcMap go to File > Add Data From Resource Center... When the page opens, select World Shaded Relief, and you will be prompted to open the World_Shaded_Relief.lyr file. Use the Open with ArcGISAppLauncher EXE (default) option.