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iTunesu UC Irvine

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Sander Greenland Condition=Stratify

Video Web Portal for the University of California: UCTV, also posting Presentations on UCTVSeminars’ YouTube channel and on UCTV’s iTunesU channel.

iTunesu UC_Irvine Social Science




Let's talk over telephone. 949-824-4136

The link I sent is the School's page on iTunes. If you have iTunes installed navigate your cursor to the iTunesU menu (next to Audiobooks) and click on "Universities & Colleges" under itunes u quick links. Then, search for "UC Irvine" and you will be able to see what i'm talking about. For example, go to School of Medicine, then to Emergency Medicine.

- Bill

Link for iTunes talks

attempts at iTunesu links

http://itunes.apple.com/bw/itunes-u/education-issues-video/id382083774 http://itunes.apple.com/bw/itunes-u/UCI

Finding and using iTunes U for UC Irvine

UCI iTunes - http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/hacc.edu.2989565485?i=2072174420

Goto upper right iTunes U
Right menu, top item; Universities & Colleges
Down the list (right side): UC Irvine
Goto: Third vertical heading: Courses
e.g.: Medical School
e.g.: Emergency Medicine (thats the most complete series as an example, (click and copy link:)http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/uci.edu.4285647177
e.g.: School of Social Sciences (click and copy link:) http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/uci.edu.2808686072

ZOT Mobile for iPhone

ZOT Mobile, University of California Irvines flagship application for students, faculty, and visitors

Read more: ZOT Mobile for iPhone - Free iPhone software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/ZOT-Mobile/3000-20415_4-75274498.html#ixzz1KeK5MZ27

iTunes U for Content Providers

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Contributing Content to UCI on ITunes U If you have podcasts that you would like to include in UCI's iTunes U site, you can apply to become a contributor. Contributors fall into two categories: casual producers and regular producers.

Casual Producers •If you have a few media files that you want to include, we may be able to fit you into an existing channel. Please contact us at oit@uci.edu Regular Producers •If you have a large amount of media and produce media on a regular basis we can create a channel for you. ◦If your content falls within a larger channel, we will ask you to work with that channel's administrator. For example, if you are podcasting a Bio Sci class we will ask you to work with Bio Sci Computing who manages the Biological Sciences Channel. ◦See Applying for a Channel below. Applying for a Channel If you have a large amount of content and/or are regularly producing content, then you may want to apply for a channel. We currently have three categories for channels including:

•Campus Life •Courses •Programs To apply for a channel, please email oit@uci.edu and include the following information:

•Title - A title that describes the content. This may be the name of the school or program that the content represents. •Administrator - The person who will be responsible for the channel and the content •Description - This should be concise, but give enough information to explain the purpose of the channel. If the channel is for a school, this may be the school's description or mission statement. •Links - Links to all appropriate departments, colleges, schools, etc. Logging Into Your Account Once your channel has been created, you will receive email with specific instructions to access your iTunes U account. All administration is done through iTunes on either Mac or Windows. We are using WebAuth to authenticate.

General Instructions 1.Login to iTunes U at: http://www.oit.uci.edu/itunesu/admin.php with your UCInetID and password. 2.Your browser will need to have pop-ups enabled. 3.iTunes will launch and go to your iTunes U channel. 4.You can start editing your page by clicking the Edit Page link in the top right. Getting Started Before you begin editing your channel, we recommend that you spend some time with Apple's iTunes U User Guide. This will explain the basics of getting your channel set up. •iTunes U User's Guide (PDF)•Creating Content for iTunes and iPod (PDF) Media Requirements At a minimum, all media must meet the following criteria:

1.Adheres to a basic standard in technical and professional quality. Your content will be representing UCI and be widely available through iTunes. 2.Distributes information of value that is fitting for the medium and supports UCI's goals. 3.Can be easily accessed via search through appropriate naming and metadata Metadata for UCI on iTunes U Required •Name: Descriptive name for a track. For example: "Lecture 2 - Jellyfish and Tissue Layers" not, "Lecture5_01_15_09". •Artist: The person or department who created the media. This will default to UC Irvine, but a specific artist or author is recommended. •Album Artist: UC Irvine •Album: The event or program to which the track belongs. Most likely the name of the channel. Optional •Artwork: Square images only. Include "UC Irvine" in the album artwork. •Grouping: The school, department, or academic unit. •Composer: Content owner's name •Comments: Use this section for any additional information you would like associated with your content. iTunes U Statistics (By Week) Each week, Apple sends an Excel spreadsheet with details. The weekly report covers a four-week period and contains multiple worksheets, each including information about a different week of site usage. The main worksheet, Summary, contains a week-by-week overview of your site activity.

We have the reports available for download by channel administrators in Webfiles. You will need a Webfiles account, need to login, and be authorized to access the files. If you need access, please contact OIT <oit@uci.edu>, attention Sylvia Bass.

•iTunes U Reports for Admins (Webfiles, Login and Authorization required) We would like to thank iTunes on ASU for allowing us to use some of their design and documentation.

Updated: May 27, 2010