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Johnny Carson

University-High-School class of 1959

Dear all, As the youngest of the class at 73 and second Californian not to be swept away by the El Nino I’m happy to log in and congratulate Ax on moving to a safer nest especially since his mountain paradise was nearly destroyed by the great Santa Barbara mountain fire a decade ago. For me and Lilyan, after two decades off and on in Europe (our son too), we moved even further back from the coast in 2001 nearby Trader Joe’s and have been safely ensconced while he and grandkids moved to Seattle. Discovered two principles, one to --do it now-- whatever it is, if worthwhile, the other to wait and see what happens. The latter is working now with a cancer I acquired months ago but now I’m happily using the creon to gain weight and we’re eating out and waiting for the docs to figure out the cure which they’ve been doing lately. So life is good even if a bit shaky. So you can wish me luck too as I wish that luck too for all. And Peggy – amazing: I wish I could be out skiing with you too. Sorry I didn’t make it out to Mpls at the time I was retiring but that has worked well, just have to keep up the optimism but Ax, yes: what a crazed nation we have become. All the best wishes to all of you, Love to all, you bet. Doug

Hi, all.

As another one of the youngest, and also having survived the 35 worst years in the history of Colombia, South America, before moving back to the US (West Hartford, CT) with my wife eight years ago, as well as more recent challenges with Prostate Cancer, C.O.P.D. and Lime Disease related Dementia, I can say with some authority that old age sucks. This is the first time I have ever gotten old and I am not too good at it yet, but all that hassle fades into a forgotten shadow since I can still can celebrate weekly with my grandchildren everything from the first baby steps of the youngest ones up to and including the doctoral studies of the eldest.

All the best to you all.
Gil -  Gilbert Brenson Lazan

Founding Partner

Doug, you are the amazing one. What a life you continue to live. You have been put at the top of my prayer list. The advantage of being our age is that our cells multiply slower. Prayers for the bad ones to not make it. Love to you and your family. Peggy.

http://milkandcookies.com/link/138148 from Nancy