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Ulla.Johansen@uni-koln.de. Ulla.Johansen #Ulla Ulla C. Johansen

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  • Cologne Institute of Ethnology - contact person - Aydinli Nomads
  • The last news from Cologne: Peter Andrews` wife deceased last week. She had a stroke and will be buried this week in Turkey. She reached the age of 79 years. Better news: Margarete Schweizer`s son Justus and his wife expecct their second child. Just so as at the Whites the first was a boy and the second should be a little girl. Nicolaus has got a professor´s position with tenure in the Netherlands. Caroline is just finishing her Ph.D. in laws. The juridical examinations were really successful.

Love, Ulla

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig

+49 221-470-3501 michael.bollig@uni-koeln.de

Lilyan: Ulla May 2017


We talked on the phone today with Ulla Johansen. This is Lilyan's email to you

Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Ulla Johansen offer to you Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 16:00:24 +0000 (UTC) From: lilyan white <lilyanwhite@yahoo.com> To: Drwhite <drwhite@uci.edu>

Professor Johansen is having her 90th birthday She was a power - the most powerful female anthropologist in Germany, and her students populated various universities in Germany, especially Hamburg etc. In any case she has a manuscript of a book that she has written or co-written and that needs to be translated from Turkish to English. She said you were interested in working with that material on the Kurds I believe that she would share credit on the book and that you could have all the royalties and she even has a publisher in mind. I am sending you by a second email her communication with us that has her email and where she gives us the new telephone at her house. She lives in Cologne and with another major author on the Kurds. Her old friend, Peter Andrews, many years on the Cologne faculty. He is returning to Cologne to live there.

No doubt you could visit her for short or long periods as she has a large house with different floors. She is very fascinating...a great ethnographer and very impressed with what she has heard about you from Doug.

Much love to you and your wonderful family....please see 2nd email to be sent today by u

Ulla May 2017

lilyan white: Dearest, dearest Ulla

Please send your current phone number and I will call as we have wanted to talk with you, find out how you are and my phone books are old and written over. Of course, Trump is an idiot monster who shows how crude and stupid the American right and right of center are. From statistic it appears approximately 20% liked him, another 20% were primarily cool towards him, but hated Hillary. Also our rural sector is very nationalistic and local klein minded, but of course the man is a nightmare bigot - chasing Meexicans, against Muslims except if they are rich as in Saudi land, against the environment ripping up clean air and water..etc. etc. Scott was here alone for 5 days for a meeting of his company's execuives..he is an vice president but his company Sales Force as 8,000 people and more than a hundred vice presidents. The children are lovely...you would like the boy new 12 going to a special school for excellen students and the 8 year ol, CLaire is very sweet. Doug is doing well, especially as he is perhaps recovering from pancratic cancer or in remission..one of the most deadly cancers. He has kept his weight up and suffers mostly from neuropathy of feet.. Anyway PLEASE send your phone number. Much love, Lilyan

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, 9:33:07 AM PDT, Ulla Johansen <ulla.johansen@uni-koeln.de> wrote: Am 25.05.2017 um 15:26 schrieb lilyan white: These Republicans are a horrible blow to the American values system -inhuman really and so colld,,,,I hope things are betterin Germany than here...miss you as always and send love. It has been a difficult year health wise Llilyan and Doug

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From: Lilyan White <no-reply@huffingtonpost.com> To: "Lilyanwhite@yahoo.com" <Lilyanwhite@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 6:20:26 AM PDT Subject: It Turns Out Critics Of The GOP Health Care Plan Were Right All Along

Lilyan White sent you this article on the Huffington Post. Here's what they said: Even colder, meaner, more dishonest and calculating, but they need to grab the money for the 1%

It Turns Out Critics Of The GOP Health Care Plan Were Right All Along Wednesday’s report from the Congressional Budget Office ought to erase any lingering doubt about how Republicans are trying to change American health ...

Read the entire article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gop-health-care-plan_us_59265e95e4b061d8f81f37e2 
Read the entire article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gop-health-care-plan_us_59265e95e4b061d8f81f37e2

White and Johansen: Aydinli

  • http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/pub/PMContFwd01.pdf :Reviews here by Leaf and Doyle
  • The White and Johansen approach to "network analysis" provides the framework for unparalleled examination of sub-national political behavior. This tool for nonlinear dynamic analysis encourages detailed assessment of highly decentralized self-organizing local governance structures otherwise unavailable through state level scrutiny. Those involved in the study of comparative politics will come to appreciate the meticulous findings exacted through use of this "network" construction. Additionally, examining the interaction of inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, or transnational advocacy networks with state government infrastructure becomes far more precise, compliments of White and Johansen.

Reply on Birth Dates

Dear Kathryn, Doug White has sent me your letter, and I am happy, that our book is useful for your work on kinship data. Unfortunately we cannot give you exact dates of birth before about 1980. Nobody knew his exact date of birth, when I lived with them in the 50ies and 60ies of last century. Please, do not forget, that they were - though highly intelligent - not able to read and write then. They also had no interest in announcing the birth of children, when passing a small town with a police station. Very often the birth of a boy was not announced before he was older than about 3 years, because they tried to avoid his too early being called to the hard Turkish military services. The birth of girls were announced too late to avoid, that the girl, when mature, could eventually flee from her father's tent being in love with a young man. Her father could argue, that the young man has abducted a little girl in childish age and this .crime deserves a hard punishment in Turkey. In the 18th and 19th century the data were even less reliable. We wish you a very good success for your research, Ulla

Restudy of the Nomad data

On 6/29/15 10:05 AM, Luedke, Kathryn F. (MU-Student) wrote: Good afternoon, my name is Kathryn Luedke and I am a graduate from the University of Missouri in Columbia. I am working under a post doctoral fellow using the kinship data from Kinsources. To strengthen our thesis we were wondering if you had birthdates/information on birth-order for the Adinli Yörük society or if you had any information on who may have that data. I look forward to hearing back from you; thanks and have a good day!

~Kathryn  (MU-Student) <kfl6y5@mail.missouri.edu>

I am delighted to hear that you are working with the Aydinli data! My recall of Ulla Johansen's original scroll and birth dates is that there were some birthdates given in the recall of ancestors, especially for key figures. You'll have to ask her about those dates. In the diagrams on pages 76-80 the generational placements do suggest some siblings who are younger than others, simply because of a rule of placement of generations in the DAG (directed asymmetric graph) structure of generations where I placed parental nodes one level above their children wherever possible. Since the nodes in those graphs represent couples it's difficulty to place dates for women as contrasted to men but again the graph gives some hints if there are more links from an ancestor to a descent for a succession of male links than for females. Again, Ulla Johansen can give more accurate estimates of the average first marriage age of brides vs. grooms.

We will very interested in your results.


Turkish Nomads

Turkish nomads web site

To Leanne Silverman 3/18/2015 lsilverman@rowman.com

  • The book is Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems
  • White, Douglas R., and Ulla C. Johansen. 2005. Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process models of a Turkish Nomad Clan. Lexington Books. (Hardback)

2006 Paperback. Ulla and I are invited to give a colloquium at an Istambul university next month. As I noted, a reviewer (Alvin Wolfe, who is getting the Distintguished Lifetime Award at this conference) writes it "...could be the most important book in anthropology in fifty years."

Would it not make sense to do the revised edition through Rowman & Littlefield with you as the Acquisitions Editor?

-- Douglas R. White http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/index.php/DW_home

White, Douglas R., and Ulla C. Johansen. 2005. Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process models of a Turkish Nomad Clan. - Wikipedia:Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems

Leaf (2009): “the best general approach to describing networks is [against random baseline] simulation, using the network analysis of Douglas White and others” (Leaf 2009:167). “[H]e has formulated definite ways to express the expectations for … patterns implicit in the stated organizational rules and compare them with patterns in the networks (see White 1999). This generates the possibility of finding the often dynamic relationships between the networks and the stated organizational charters over time. And finally, multiple network analyses in a single community can be treated as overlays, which can let us see how the organizational consequences of such organizational rules interact, relating, for example, marriage networks to economic networks. For a demonstration of the way that a variety of these ideas and techniques can come together in a single ethnographic analysis, see White and Johansen’s Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan (2005).” (Leaf 2009:173).
Amazon Murray Leaf review *****stars
Amazon Martin T. Doyle review *****stars
Goodreads Patrick's review Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems ***stars

Books in Turkish

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Johansen, Ulla and Douglas R. White. 2002c, Collaborative Long-term Ethnography and Longitudinal Social Analysis of a Nomad Clan in Southeastern Turkey, in: R. V.Kemper & A Peterson Royce (eds.): Chronicling Cultures. Long Term Field Research in Anthropology, Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, Lanham, N.Y., Oxford, S. 81-99

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