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The idea would be to associate each k-pair with the number c of the highest level cohesive block in which it is embedded, which is unique. This then makes unique c-k pairs. So now we have a matrix of pairs with entries for k, each with a level c, but of course the c can be independently computed. So there is no NP-complete problem of computing cohesion FROM the k-matrix, it is computed from cohesive blockings, for which we have a separate algorithm.

Compute c-blocks, and assign c-weights to edges according to the weight (width of line) c of its highest c-block. Now each pair where c=k (formed by lines) is part of a minimum subgraph constituting a c-block. Then we have c-k pairs and in addition c<k pairs. How to indicate the extra value v=k-c of these pairs? Put dotted lines with thickness k-c between them.

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Time machine backup not working

Time Machine could not complete the backup. error 45.

The backup disk image "/Volumes' ComputerBackup$Doug White's Macbook Pro.sparsebundle" could not be created (error 45).

Solution to Time Machine could not complete the backup. error 45.

This is how to fix it and get your backups working (follow carefully and in order and you'll have it up and running in no time):

The basic concept is Time Machine needs to create a sparsebundle image to save the backups to. The key here is creating your own, BUT knowing where to save it on the Stora and knowing where to point Time Machine to using it.

1) Firstly, be sure to enable the 'Computer Backups' feature in the Stora Preferences (through the landing page), and assign a password (I found it worked best for me to use the same password that i used for the main admin user of the Stora).

2) Go to System Preferences on your Mac > Sharing and make sure you have a computer name, no more than 8 characters. For instance i use: mymac. Remember this name, you will need it later!

3) Open Utilities > Terminal and type in: ifconfig en0 | grep ether This will display your ethernet address. You will get something similar to 00:1f:f3:46:61:04. Keep this window open, you will need it later!

4) Open Utilities > Disk Utility a) Select the "New Image" option to create you new disk image and save it to your Desktop.

b) Start at the bottom with changing the Image Format to "sparse bundle disk image".

c) Change "Partitions" selection to "No partition map."

d) Leave "Encryption" as is, set to "None".

e) Change "Volume Format" to "Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)".

f) Change "Volume Size" to "Custom" and enter a volume size that suits your needs. I chose GB (Gigabyte) instead of MB (Megabyte) and set it to 300, effectively reserving a maximum 300GB backup size for Time Machine.

g) Change "Volume Name" to something like "My Backup" (can be anything you like).

h) Make sure "Where" is set to "Desktop". There is a known issue where if you try to create the sparse bundle disk image on a network drive, it will fail.

i) Here is where you need your Computer Name that you set earlier and the Ethernet Address that you found in Termnial.

Choose "Save As" name as the "ComputerName_EthernetAddress.sparesebundle", in my case I entered "mymac_001ff3466104".

j) Click on "Create" to finish the process. 5) After the sparsebundle disk image is created, exit out of the Disk Utility application.

6) Mount your Netgear Stora by pressing ⌘K (or going to Go > Connect to Server). Type in the smb:// and the server address (IP) that your stora is using, for me it was smb://

Then, crucially choose MyComputers from the list to mount that folder (your sparsebundle must be saved here for Time Machine to work) 7) Move the .sparsebundle disk image file you created on your desktop to the MyComputers folder you have just mounted.

8) Open up the Time Machine preferences, and click on "Choose Backup Disk".

9) Select 'MyComputers' and then click on "Use for Backup".

10) Enter you Stora username and password as a "Registered User"

11) Thats it! Your backups should now start and complete successfully.

Hope this helps!

Kapauku - Leopold Pospisil

Leopold Pospisil

Dichotomize NA / Others


http://escholarship.org/uc/item/7cm1f10b retrieve Anthon's file


13:00 GMT -8.0 14:00 GMT -8.0 University of California Irvine - Jessica Mezei Webinar: Mendeley for the University of California, Irvine. Register at http://mnd.ly/uciwebinar


To send/do

  • Write about pairwise cohesion within structural cohesion
  • Letter to Robert L. Carneiro Done
  • Letter for Matteo Giunti (email)
  • Moses A. Boudourides - Done
  • re: Leaf: problem is no attention to biological representation, inference, strategy and competition as per David Krakauer

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[Wiki eBooks] - do any of these have sources that match the SCCS? Marti Doyle says NO
Size	 	From	Date	 	Subject
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3.1 k		Douglas R. White	Jun 4, 2011	 	PDF file created for "Updated scripts for R in Eff ...
Routon and Eff

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KDD 2011 UCSD: Oral presentation + poster Tue Refining causality: who copied from whom? Tristan Snowsill*, University of Bristol; Nick Fyson, University of Bristol; Tijl De Bie, University of Bristol; Nello Cristianini, University of Bristol

Keynote: Judea Pearl The Mathematics of Causal Inference


Henry Wright recommends: Les Touaregs du Hoggar (Collection Civilisations) (French Edition)[Paperback Henri Lhote (Author)


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