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Alexander George-Johnson

I'm 4th year Anthropology major/note taker of the day (24 SEPT 09)


To create a user name

1) Click the top right "log in/create a user name"

2) Fill out appropriate information using your full, real name rather than a psuename

3) Once logged in click your user name

4) In order to show up on the class wiki page you must type something under your user page

Trying to Catch up

Galtons Problem - you cannot take a survey and expect people to represent a whole even in todays world of extreme social networking

Please see Deborah's a bit lost, attempting to catch up  :)

Application of Stats in the real world

- The explosion of the Challenger - 2 billion dollar loss

- In order to fix the education system, we must know how to annalyze data. This is accomplished through the understanding of stats

The Big Lie (Unofficial title of this course)

Exxon lied to us about global warming

Every article stating that global warming exists was edited by Exxon to show the contrary

Change or Die!

Massive Crash of USA

- Funded by over expendature and overpopulation

- Other countries are rebounding quicker than America

- Americas war destoyed hopes of peaceful trade

SCCS - Standard Cross-Cultural Sample

  • Free software*

"R" - Install at home, make directory copy and paste, decided what to research?

Bring Flash Drive if you want to copy material

"Read Good Jobs, Good Management, Godd Government" articles - written by Govn of Maryland, the most successful state?

Day 4

Doug 13:28, 28 October 2009 (PDT) How can you have an error message if you dont have an EduMod page in which to run the program?

 Error Message
 + #--the imputand is placed as a field in impdat and named--
 + impdat<-cbind(impdat,data.frame(aqq[,NCOL(zxx)]))
 + names(impdat)[NCOL(impdat)]<-zv1[i]
 + }
 Error: object 'zv1' not found
 > #--now the non-missing variables are attached to impdat--
 > gg<-NULL
 > for (i in 1:nimp){
 + gg<-rbind(gg,data.frame(fx[,zv2]))
 + }
 Error in data.frame(fx[, zv2]) : object 'fx' not found
 > impdat<-cbind(impdat,gg)
 Error in cbind(impdat, gg) : object 'impdat' not found
 > #--take a look at the top 6 and bottom 6 rows of impdat--
 > head(impdat)
 Error in head(impdat) : object 'impdat' not found
 > tail(impdat)
 Error in tail(impdat) : object 'impdat' not found
 > #--impdat is saved as an R-format data file--
 > save(impdat,file="impdat.Rdata")
 Error in save(impdat, file = "impdat.Rdata") : object ‘impdat’ not found