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I am a second year graduate student at UCSD, focusing on archaeology in the Andes. Some of my interests include populations living in frontier/borderland contexts, household archaeology, settlement patterns, and comparative studies between regions.

My Master's thesis examined the relationship between 3 site groups that are part of a colony. This colony is associated with the Tiwanaku culture group located in the altiplano of Peru/Bolivia, dating from around AD 500- AD 1100. The colony is located in the Moquegua Valley, Peru, the site groups are Omo, Chen Chen, Rio Muerto, and Cerro Echenqiue. Within the colony I looked for relationships of dependency between Omo, Chen Chen and Rio Muerto inferring possible hierarchies. I continued to do this with my class project, utilizing multiple correspondence analysis. I picked a total of 20 site attributes or characteristics between the three site groups, varying from preferred location to the valley, accessibility to resources, size of the site group, to presence or absence of material culture types that might indicate status.

My results are similar to those of my thesis- it is clear that Rio Muerto occupies the least prominent position between the three site groups in the colony. It is distant from Chen Chen and Omo in the results. Omo is the most centrally located of all of the site groups, it probably occupies the highest status within the colony. What is really interesting is it maintains a greater tie to Rio Muerto than Chen Chen does indicating a lesser relationship beween Chen Chen and Rio Muerto out of the relationships between the three.