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  • See: Duran Bell
  • ADD p.113 Aberle: Horticulture->Matriliny David Levinson and Martin J. Malone. 1980. Toward Explaining Human Culture. HRAF Press. New Haven.

Compared to Doug White clip Ev43.d3DEF01fMatriCattlePlow the attempt to replicate "The Cow is the Enemy of Matriliny" has a 90% phylogenetic effect but Wy is not significant, and Bovines do not reach significance.

A BenYishay, P Grosjean, J Vecci - 2014 Abstract: Reef density predicts the prevalence of matrimony in a cross-cultural sample of 186

  • One obvious model to replicate for both EA and SCCS is: "The Cow is the Enemy of Female Contribution to Subsistence" v821 SCCS-- "Matriliny" for which there are EA variables. The maps show that Cattle are far more prevalent than Matriliny. The Vengeance variable is tilted toward Individual Redress (Cattle entail Vengeance for theft).
  • But a further model for Matriliny is simply Matrilocality, Female Contributions to Agriculture, No Vengeance, no significant effect of (no) Bovines, or of Wy.
dx$v70=(dx$v70==1)*1 Matriliny -- 
dx$v6=(dx$v6==7)*1 Bovines -- 
#OR: dx$v244=(dx$v244==7)*1 Bovines -- 

CattleEnemyOfMatriliny2.xlsx --- Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.24.29 PM.png

In CoSSci ---------------- #In R, Kepler
Dummy: v1127.d2,v279.d5,v213.d3   #in R, Kepler: mkdummy("v1127", 2), mkdummy("v279", 5),mkdummy("v213", d3)
DepVar: v70.d1       #in R, Kepler:  mkdummy("v70",1)
IndVars: v6.d7  #in R, Kepler:  mkdummy("v6",1)
UnRestrVars, e.g.: v1649,v1127.d2,v2137,v279.d5,v213.d3,v1265,v234
RESIDUALS H0: Residuals NOT IMPORTANT SINCE Wy is not significant
SCCS v821: Female Contribution to Agriculture; Matriliny = 1+(dx$v70.d1)*1. v2008 Low KinGroup Vengence is an outcome not a cause. Delete and check for other predictors. Delete, the next model without it, where the Rsq is considerably higher - l think that option is correct.
SCCS v821: Female Contribution to Agriculture (bio.2 and bio.15 are suggested by "To Try")
SCCS v821: Female Contribution to Subsistence
Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.29.17 PM.png
SCCS v70==1:Matriliny
Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 8.19.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 9.31.28 AM.png