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For DEf Gateway Live at: http://socscicompute.ss.uci.edu/ users: (1) click user, enter username (if this doesnt work see Visual_Manual#II_To_log_in_and_save_history), load the page with variables and press EXECUTE (2) Always choose DEF2a DEF2a LOCAL (with maps for variables in model) (3) Press 1: Def2 to modify some variables and Execute again (4) Click Unnamed History. Change its name and save your results by clicking on new history name. Here's a Visual Manual.pdf. (Or press Mac:command & minus to view text and screen simultaneously). Variables: bio.11,v1122,v204,sq51 = WarmColdQtr; Low Population; high Hunting; Husband helps wife with infant. Variable v51 appears in "Exogenous" (should really be Additional) which allows its square, sq51, to appear as an "Independent" variable. VM1 - VM2 - VM3 - VM4. Those who want to use the R gui click .Dow-Eff_Functions_-_DEf#Latest_version_of_DEf_(DEf2). Install R See VM4 to define sq51, include v51 as exogenous. File:Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 8.07.52 PM.png http://socscicompute.ss.uci.edu/u/drwhite/h/unnamed-history-1-1-1-1-1 models 80-82 DEf01c exactly replicate DEf01 earlier model. See Doug CoSSci Histories for models in this series, Finished VM1 is Model 82.

v626 Creation Stories

Trestles queue: If you run Trestles (20 minutes) make sure each variable has >57 cases which v673 does not. File:Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 7.43.58 PM.png Galaxy 82 Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 7.58.25 PM.png Galaxy 82 is VM1