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Dear Doug,

During the upcoming International Social Network Conference (21 May till 26 May 2013; http://hamburg-sunbelt2013.org) at the University of Hamburg, Germany, we are planning to organize a panel in honor of Prof. Dr. Waltraud Kokot.

At the end of the Summer Semester 2013, Waltraud will retire from her position at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Hamburg.

Waltraud is one of the leading researchers in migration and diaspora studies. Throughout her career she has inspired and influenced students and colleagues in (re)thinking the connections between communities, networks, mobilities and social cognition. Thus we decided on the following title for the panel:

Networked communities: Ethnographies on social relations, mobilities, and belonging. A panel in honor of Waltraud Kokot

We want to invite you to participate in this panel. Broadly speaking, your talk may address issues of communities and networks in the age of increasing mobilities. However, thematic extensions are also welcome.

To start the planning process for the panel we would like to know if you are interested in participating. Please email us within the next two weeks. Once you indicate your interest in the panel we will inform you how to submit your abstract.

We very much hope to welcome you in Hamburg and at the panel.

With best regards, Julia Pauli, Michael Schnegg and Christine Avenarius