Why do I love Santa Fe?

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Might ask why when we are bought and sold on La Jolla, UCI and UCSD would Lilyan and I want to live for long periods in Santa Fe? We often comment to each other that people are kinder to each other in Santa Fe (not there are are no conflicts). There is of course, the Santa Fe Institute which needs no commentary but is what many of use find the ideal of what a university community ought to be. But today, on the street, there are a good examples. One is that at least tend different people have given me clues for how to repair a giant crack in our adobe front wall. I was actually able to succeed in doing this as a result. I won't go into detail. But also today a good example: trying to upgrade my 1 gig Toshiba Satellite memory from 1 gig to 4. I had tried Toshiba Direct but the whole (California) experience was a wash. I had to return what they sent. So I called Office Depot, on the list of Toshiba suppliers. The computer guy, John, tried to find out the specifics of my machine. After we tried and failed he said to try http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/index.aspx where the download program actually figures out what you have and what you could add to any(?) operating system in terms of memory. After we determined this, he said there was no way he could order this from O.D. but then he gave me the url of the cheapest site at which to buy what I needed on the web, as described in this case in Memory upgrades. John did this out of the goodness of his heart, trying to help. Imagine that! And it worked. Thanks John, another Santa Fe encounter.