Wiley Companion to Cross-Cultural Research

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Wiley in process - David B. Kronenfeld, Michael D. Fischer, Victor C. de Munck, Giovanni Bennardo

Dear David, Mike, Victor and Giovanni, July 2017

I’ve been working on a proposal for Wiley (Joe White), “A Companion to Cross-Cultural Anthropology.” Could be edited by us five (Fischer, de Munck, Kronenfeld, White, and Bennardo, in any order), as with Wiley’s Cog-Anthro. A good part of the work is done. Initial chapters are tentative for roughly 28+ chapters, drafted & needing editing; Dave not yet an author so can choose his contribution. Introduction still needs revision by us as editors. Parts are tentatively edited for a Preface, Intro; most of the sections in the outline attached have been initially submitted by authors. Main sections are separated into: I History of Cross-Cultural Anthropology, II Theory and Datasets, III Method, IV Religion and Prosocialities, V Social Networks, and VI Overview. Final Conclusion and/or Afterword needed. Open for further suggestions. I can send the current author drafts to match the chapters, as yet a couple of rounds of edits by the authors and a few further edits by me.

The five of us could wrap it up with additional editing or overlaps among our editors. I can enclose tentative chapters/sections/papers initially or the whole batch all at once, let me know which you prefer.

All the best wishes & thanks,

-- Doug White

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