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As editor of the WC eJournal, I've been ill for some time, during which you submitted an article for publication: do you want me to go ahead with your publication?

  • Mike Fischer / Greg Truex / Steve Lyon - I got a bad cancer in Oct 2015 where I wasn't able to run World Cultures for 10 months but can do so now, am recovered


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World Cultures cited as a pioneer in electronic journals

David W. Lewis, 1988. Cited in "Inventing the Electronic University," College & Research Libraries 49 (July 1988): 291-304.

World Cultures at Wikipedia

Wikipedia:World Cultures (this entry, written by D. White, is copied from Wikipedia)' is an electronic and paper journal of Wikipedia:cross-cultural studies. It was founded in 1985 by Douglas R. White as editor until 1990, when Greg Truex became editor, followed by Wikipedia:J. Patrick Gray and Peter Peregrine (1991-1995). Pat Gray remains the current editor. The current publisher is Wikipedia:William Divale. The journal publishes cross-cultural research articles and has published computerized codebooks and datasets on the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, Western North American Indians, an Atlas of Archaeology, and numerous other topics. Numerous software programs for cross-cultural analysis have also been published.

Part of the purpose of the journal is to provide codebooks and data that are in the public domain for scientific use, at minimal cost of distribution, both to support scientific work and instructional use. To this end, the CD containing all past issues, datasets and software is available from publisher William Divale at minimal cost ($10), and new as well as legacy issues of the journal are appearing at the free on-line site at the Wikipedia:California Digital Library. The largest of the databases supported by the journal to date are the contributed multiauthored coded data for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, now numbering 2,002 coded variables on 186 societies by over 90 different contributing authors.

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on-line original articles for the Ethnographic Atlas

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The weekend July 23-25 is a Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoire (remember that?) which is always my favourite weekend of the year. -- Pat Bell