Zurich talk on Generative Feedback Network Model

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Invited colloquium speaker, USE FIREFOX FOR THIS Selected Challenges in the Social Sciences: Modeling and Simulation Approaches. Department of Sociology, U. Zurich. "Complex Social-Circles and Feedback Networks." Invitation of Dirk Helbing. Tues, May 27

Start the Kejzar slides for introduction to the simulations

Then do the Pajek demonstration.

http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki/htm/A289recordings.htm 5-02-part 2 time 24:00

Generative Model for Feedback Networks

Discuss also:

Indirect statistical inference was suggested by Cosma Shalizi for the Generative Feedback Network Model based on comparisons with the exponential random graphs and exponential families. See pp 44. Shalizi slides