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Emmanuel Lazega

2014 request

On 1/3/15 8:21 AM, Emmanuel LAZEGA wrote:

Hi Doug,
I hope this finds you well.
A student found this on the internet:
The document points to files that cannot be reached. Apparently your son carried out more work on this dataset and I was not aware of it. Can you tell me more?
All the best,
Emmanuel Lazega
Professor, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
Office: CSO, 13 rue de l'Université, #406D, 75007 Paris, +331 45497774
Postal mail: CSO, 27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris  -
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Pour les consulter rendez-vous sur :

The finished files are these
All but one were svg files which for some years did not print but the svg site now works. 
& Glad to see these reactivated. 
I have no idea anymore what they indicate but perhaps I sent the labels years ago.
Glad you asked about these and glad to hear from you

Programs: Data and Permutations

I use a p.bat with these comands and >save then copy the output here where relevant Type this at the command line in unix (Macintcsh) to see the options:

python ./ --help
python ./sandbox/ --help
Usage: [options]
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                       input filename
                       write graph to pajek output file
 -p, --permute         permute judge periods
                       write relinkings to output file
 -s SEED, --seed=SEED  seed to use for random permutation

To generate the net file you type:

In Mac, -r for relinkings

cd .\sandbox
python ./ -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o -r

Inside IDLE for PC -i /Python26/CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o -i /Python26/CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o /Python26/

To generate the net file with judges permuted for each year with default seed:

python ./ -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o french_law.net_permuted -p

To generate the net file with judges permuted for each year for a desired randomized seed:

python ./ -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o french_law.net_permuted_321 -p -s 321

Inside IDLE -i /Python26/CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o french_law.net_permuted_321 -p -s 321

Programs: Relinkings

Scott 07:08, 15 April 2009 (PDT) Attached is a new python script which does all the things it does before but now has the -relink flag so it will generate a file that contains all the relinkings. Let me know if there is a better format you would prefer.

Here is an example of how to use it:

python ./ -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o french_law.net1 -p -s 1 -r relink1.txt

python ./ -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o french_law.net1 -p -s 1 -r relink2.txt

Remember to type 'python --help' to see all the options.

DW can do this in \Python26 (PC) or the Macbook

Process of analysis

first wave was to graph the data
second to get statistics on the data
third wave now done: to randomly permute where judges are assigned keeping constant the number of judges per court
4th wave next: to get statistics on the data
5th: compare the actual to the permuted and we find the patterns.

Instructions for viewing images

Use iExplorer to view these files and install SVG viewer


Whole graph no relinking on the left

Horizontal Visualization bicomponent

Vertical Visualization bicomponent is the name of the Pajek file for the bicomponent.


These data seem perfectly accurate in that if you adjust the node size so they are clickable and right click each circuit node, the number of judges and the specific number of each judge match exactly the entries in the excel spreadsheet (column search in that year for that court number)

Relinking graphs

Relinking graphs and program zipped - these are the fragments for fragment search in the *.net file.

Relinking visualizations

Relink in next 647

Relink in two 6675

Relink in three 82198 (dropping last three years) node sizes reduced.

Full relinking in three maybe 720,000+ because of the years with many judges in the same chamber NO IMAGE

The svg viewer is now enabled WikiSysopWikiSysop 16:07, 18 April 2009 (PDT) substitute htm for svg to restore some earlier images

Actual and Random

1664 actual 30 gens

1749 Randomized 30 gens

1914 Randomized 32 gens

Relinked in 4 13200+

Next stage software: format for relink file

Relinking: Just click on the unix shell and type:

cd ~/sandbox
python -i <raw data file.csv> -o -r <relink filename>
python -i CHAMBRES_238_corfou.csv -o -r true.relink
Judge relinking results

From: "scott w" <> Date: Wed, April 22, 2009 8:44 pm

total # years, <sequential or non sequential>, judge pair, years they were linked

Every row has a unique judge pair. If it says 'seq' that means all the years were sequential. IF it says 'nonseq' that means there was at least one non-sequential relinking.

Years they were linked use the -> delimiter.

So for example

6,non-seq,"166 & 235",-> 1-> 3-> 5-> 8-> 10-> 13

means judges 166 & 235 were relinked 'non-sequentially' during 6 different periods, in years offset + 1,3,5,8,10,13.

Make sense?


pdf (and doc) files