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Douglas White - Ethnographic data: (anyone is welcome to use these resources: questions) ---Index--- Guide to the use of CoSSci "UCI Complex Social Science Gateway: CoSSci" - background - DRW Publications - Comet - Sanctuary cities - SCCS codes -Codes2-- ' eclectic anthro server - Citizens United USA: 1 800 934 8196 - AU: 1800823048 Ukraine - Topical_publications DRW - Claude Lévi-Strauss -Structure & Dynamics eJrnl - World Cultures eJrnl - (DRW - DRW) -Brown Alumni - - "Upclosed" people - CONTRA TRUMP -'s/guilty-plea-is-bad-news-for-Team-Trump.html Nation.pdf PillagingAmerica'sParks|The Nation.pdf file:///Users/drwhite/Documents/Pillaging%20America's%20Parks%20%7C%20The%20Nation.webarchive


Douglas R. White (born 1942) is an American complexity researcher, social anthropologist, sociologist, and social network researcher at the University of California, Irvine. He attended the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and the University of Minnesota, where he received a B.A. in 1964, an M.A. in 1967, and a Ph.D. degree in 1969, all under advisor E. Adamson Hoebel and the Travelling Scholars Program.

White taught at the University of Pittsburgh from 1967 to 1976. Since then he has been a Social Science Professor at the University of California, Irvine, teaching in Social Relations, in Comparative Culture, in Social Networks and in Anthropology. He co-founded and chaired the Social Networks PhD program and within the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences chaired the Social Dynamics and Complexity research group and the UC four-campus videoconference group.

He is on the external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, was on the governing Council of the European Complex Systems Society, and served as President of the Social Science Computing Association and of the Linkages Development Research Council.

He founded the World Cultures electronic journal in 1985 as part of the movement for open access scientific data and publication and founded the open access and peer reviewed Structure and Dynamics electronic journal in 2005, where he continues as editor-in-chief.

He is a recipient of the U.S. Distinguished Scientist Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the "Best Paper in Mathematical Sociology of 2004" Award of the American Sociological Association (2004), and the 2007 "Viviana Zelizer Distinguished Scholarship Award" for the outstanding article published in the field of economic sociology in the previous two years.


Major contributions of Douglas R. White:

White is known for Cross-cultural studies, studies of the division of labor, sexual division of labor, polygyny, marriage and kinship, his collaborative creation of the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (SCCS with G. P. Murdock), and public domain distribution of SCCS data, courseware and software, which has given way to the UCI Complex Social Science Gateway that hosts Anthropology's Ethnographics of the Lives of World Peoples along with software used in solving Galton's problem of autocorrelation for analysis of observational data, and for research on: Longitudinal historical evolution and field studies of human groups, larger societies, and city systems Mathematical modeling of social, economic, and historical dynamics, as well as statistical entailment analysis, Galton's problem, the Natchez Paradox, Structural endogamy and network simulation, regular equivalence, flow centrality, and structural cohesion, Social networks, including, more specifically, the network realism paradigm, Social complexity and complex-network system dynamics. Standard Cross-Cultural Sample System dynamics Studies of world system dynamics and urban studies, including his current studies of urban dynamics over the last millennium, A reaction to his latest book, Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems, by one reviewer, was that this "could be the most important book in anthropology in fifty years." His work on implications of feedback and feedforward processes, published in Physical Review in collaboration with the founder of nonextensive physics, a founder of chaos theory, and two young computer scientists, provides one of the foundational network simulations for understanding complex networks.

Resources for Cross-cultural modeling

White's Main page hosts a public server, that if used externally at, offers ethnographic data, variables and tools for inference with R scripts by Dow (2007) and Eff and Dow (2009) in an NSF supported Galaxy ( framework ( for instructors, students and researchers to do cross-cultural research modeling with controls for Galton's problem using Standard Cross-Cultural Sample variables at


White has authored or coauthored 5 books and over 100 articles, and edited 3 books and 2 special journal issues dealing with his research interests.

1972, The Anthropology of Urban Environments. with Thomas Weaver. Society for Applied Anthropology, Monograph Series. 1975, Tuaraiscail: Report of the Committee on Language Attitudes Research Regarding Irish. 5 volumes. with Lilyan A. Brudner. Dublin: Government Printing Office. 1991, Research Methods in Social Network Analysis. with Linton C. Freeman and A. Kimball Romney. Transaction Publishers. 1998, Kinship, Networks, and Exchange : Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences, with Thomas Schweizer. Cambridge University Press. 2004, Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan. with Ulla Johansen and Foreword by Andrey Korotayev). Lexington Press.

White has circa 200 of the ethnographies of the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (SCCS) available for California anthropology libraries.

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

  • The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness: A little-known bureaucrat named James Cason, a lobbyist for big oil, gas, coal and mining corporations that operate on public and Indian lands, including former Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Solicitor David Bernhardt, and former Deputy Secretary Steven Griles, who was indicted earlier this year on obstruction of justice charges over his involvement with criminal former lobbyist Jack Abramoff and (who) is reshaping the Department of the Interior. and ...part of a department-wide purge, and that climate scientists in particular were targeted. Cason, who once described himself as the department’s “regulatory czar,” has also overseen the dismantling of rules governing energy development on public lands. The DOI is poised to open up millions of acres to drilling and mining—from Utah’s red-rock country to the frigid, perilous waters off Alaska’s coast—while stripping away basic environmental protections and reducing transparency. Across the Trump administration, the new mantra is “energy dominance”—a vision of the world in which the United States will amplify its influence with a dramatic expansion of oil, gas, and coal production, whatever the environmental costs.
  • Last month Wendy Cleland-Hamnett in Falls Church, Va, retired last month (2017) as the top official overseeing pesticides and toxic chemicals as the E.P.A. “I had become irrelevant,” she said about changes there under the Trump administration.
  • The assault on science at the Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump Administration is unprecedented. Experienced academic scientists have been removed from advisory boards and replaced with industry shills. Key regulations on proven carcinogens and mutagens like trichloroethylene have been abandoned without explanation. Trump's “Red Teams” are being set up to challenge the scientific consensus in peer-reviewed journals. Finally, the free speech of EPA scientists is being censored by Trump’s political appointees – which is exactly what happened this week (Oct 24, 2017) when EPA scientists were ordered to cancel their talks on climate change at a scientific conference.

Last week, EPA scientists were scheduled to participate in a conference on the environmental health of Narragansett Bay, the largest estuary in New England and key to the region’s fishing and tourism industries. The EPA scientists were to deliver keynote presentations on current and prospective environmental damage to the bay from climate change. However, at the last minute, the EPA announced without explanation that the three scientists scheduled to appear at the conference would not attend. The motivation was clear – to silence the scientists working on and speaking publicly about climate change. There has not been such a concerted and well-funded effort at distorting and silencing scientific research since Congress “debated” the link between smoking cigarettes and cancer. --- Rep. Schiff puts end to question of Trump Russia collusion as Rachel Maddow shares video of Congressman Adam Schiff listing the times that Russia reached out to help the Donald Trump campaign.

"Resist Trump installing an IRS acting commissioner who could interfere with audits and investigations into Trump and his associates' potential tax fraud and money laundering."] IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s term ends in November. But instead of nominating someone who would face Senate confirmation, Trump could simply name a trusted crony as a “temporary” appointment who would wield the exact same power.2 The Senate must pressure Trump to not install a puppet IRS commissioner without senators’ advice and consent. We can win this fight if all the members of the Senate Democratic caucus and key Republican senators who are concerned about the integrity of the Russia investigation hold firm. Our activism is crucial, and it works. Together we have stopped Trumpcare three times, and now we must demonstrate that the public is paying attention and will not tolerate Trump picking an IRS chief while he or his associates are under investigation for wrongdoing, potentially including tax fraud and money laundering.

Toni G. Atkins (D) District 39 call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 to be connected with the office of one your senators. When someone answers, say this: "Hi, my name is ___ and I’m calling from ___. I strongly urge you to oppose the nomination of Sam Clovis – a racist and a climate change denier with no background in food or agriculture. - Clovis - Trump plan re Iran nuclear dal. In a statement sent to HuffPost exclusively by Meryl Streep’s longtime publicist Leslee Dart, Streep says she did not know that Weinstein― with whom she has collaborated for years on films like “August: Osage County” and “The Iron Lady” and once referred to as a “God”― was engaging in “inappropriate, coercive acts” and that he had paid financial settlements to at least eight women after they accused him of harassment and assault. After spending a weekend screaming at NFL and NBA athletes over Twitter, Donald Trump has embarrassed our country yet AGAIN. Stop Trump and Pruitt from undoing the Clean Power Plan! And David Letterman believes we should BOOT Trump out of office.

The Senate must pressure Trump to not install a puppet IRS commissioner without senators’ advice and consent. We can win this fight if all the members of the Senate Democratic caucus and key Republican senators who are concerned about the integrity of the Russia investigation hold firm. Our activism is crucial, and it works. Together we have stopped Trumpcare three times, and now we must demonstrate that the public is paying attention and will not tolerate Trump picking an IRS chief while he or his associates are under investigation for wrongdoing, potentially including tax fraud and money laundering.

Tell the U.S. Senate: Resist Trump installing an IRS acting commissioner. --- Trump's idiocy - believes totally stupid ideas re North Korea challenges. Click here to sign the petition.

Trump has already installed more than 1000 political appointments to head up federal agencies – all without Senate approval !! The administration has been able to place industry insiders and shadowy Trump loyalists in charge of much of the government’s day-to-day operations. Trump could do the same thing with the IRS, unless the Senate insists that he play by the rules.3

Even before the 2016 election, the IRS joined the FBI in investigating former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on suspicion of money laundering and tax fraud.4 In recent weeks, the IRS has coordinated with special counsel Mueller on his investigation of Manafort and other Trump associates, including former White House national security adviser, Michael Flynn.5 As Mueller’s investigation has gotten closer to Trump’s finances, Trump has accused the special counsel of crossing a line, prompting many to speculate that Mueller's firing is imminent.6

The IRS' cooperation is crucial for federal prosecutors in investigating tax crimes, and Trump has made it clear he will go to great lengths to hinder Mueller’s investigation – possibly even installing someone loyal to him to oversee the IRS. The Senate must intercede now – we need to keep reminding Democrats to use their power to keep Trump from being able to advance his dangerous agenda on any front, especially when it comes to the agency investigating his ties to Russia.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt just announced that he is repealing President Obama’s signature plan to stop climate change. It’s the biggest environmental rollback we’ve seen since Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord. Now, President Obama’s plan to decrease carbon emissions will be GONE. Big business polluters will be able to DESTROY our planet. And it’s all because Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump, and Republicans want to score political points with big business polluters -- and undo President Obama’s legacy. It’s indefensible. It’s life-threatening. And it will devastate our environment. Pruitt will roll back this rule October 10, 2017.


meet Nick Duran nickduran‏ Calif Pizza Kitchen 2017.

Courtesy Dave Clements Women's work map: cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions
Courtesy Stuart Martin Argonne Labs XSEDE'15 Conference poster

Powerpoint: how to define new variables in galaxy cossci - April 2015 - DRW's ppt for Ren Feng's class - HPC 4 Courses DAG of Evol of Gods - CoSSci at Kent - eWC - S&D - Open Access - SSSCe - Argonne - Galton's problem

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Tulsi Gabbard- Trump's lies - Have we become a Kakistocracy? [Problem with Trump]. comically bad Trump nominee. - Scams -(email result: xxx ) -

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   Two-Factor Authentication: Add a Layer of Protection to Your Online Accounts
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Senior Alert Care

Six Places Never to Use a Credit Card Sid Kirchheimer

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Resist Trump


Nick Martin x4175

Scott. It was my big sister who...

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see the Koch brothers exposee

  (from email): in case you missed it,
   Ann Coulter quote: must be read to be believed, by onanye
   Powerful Letter to Zimmerman: "You are now going to feel what it's like to be black in America.", by David Harris Gershon
   FBI freezes City of Sanford's plan to return Zimmerman's gun, by ericlewis0
   McConnell lies to his caucus, Corker calls 'bullshit', by chose
   The stupid, it burns! Racist idiots bash Marc Anthony for singing God Bless America, by Brainwrap
   Lewis Black messes with Texas, by Jen Hayden
   McDonald's makes the case for raising the minimum wage without realizing it, by sujigu
   The joy of watching a Cheney bite Republicans in their behind, by Jed Latinos
   Family Research Council guy says America now in era of Pagan sexuality, by Hunter
   Chicago schools lay off 2,100 while city puts $55 million into college basketball arena, by Laura Clawson
   Detroit bankruptcy on hold, Snyder admin. smacked down by judge for "cheating good people who work", by Eclectablog


The Gezi Agenda June 13, 2013
  • Crooks and Liars Rep. Nadler: NSA Can Listen To Phone Calls Without A Warrant ??? June 16, 2013 08:00 AM
  • Congress is set to double the cost of student loans from 3.4% to 6.8% --while offering huge corporate banks the low rate of 0.75%. May 10, 2013. How's that for the fat cats?
  • "California is the 4th-largest oil-producing state, but it is the ONLY state that does NOT tax Big Oil. We could raise $2 billion per year to begin repairing the damage of previous cuts to public education, but only if Democrats in the Legislature use their new super-majority power to pass it. Sarah Palin signed Alaska's oil severance tax of 25%! Texas charges 7.5%.(1) Why doesn't California make Big Oil pay for the privilege of profiting off our natural resources? State Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) has proposed Senate Bill 241, which would tax oil extraction at a modest 9.9%. Public higher education would receive 93% of revenues, and 7% would go to the Department of Parks and Recreation." Courage Campaign May 4 2012.
  • "The law limiting overall contributions was enacted in 1974 and expanded in 2002 to prevent donors from writing million-dollar checks to candidates, which the Supreme Court has ruled could contribute to the corruption or at least the appearance of corruption of public officials." Breaking that law with oversight by the FEC, "The Huffington Post identified 49 individuals who donated more than $150,000 in the last election cycle, far in excess of the biennial contribution limits. Of the 49 donors, 48 exceeded the PAC and party limit and 32 exceeded the candidate limit." Huffpost May 3 2013.
  • The effects of unchecked criminalization: Black Teen charged with felony for science experiment By SESALI BOWEN | Published: MAY 1, 2013
  • Austerity Economics Takes A Major Blow As Key Research Paper Discredited April 19, 2013
later breaking: Colbert Nation Stephen Colbert rips apart debunked austerity economics paper april 25, 2013
RSN Dec 12 2012: Lawrence Tribe: "It badly distorts the meaning of everything I have written on the subject to treat me as remotely hostile to the comprehensive national regulation of firearms and ammunition possession, transfer, and use; and it even distorts my meaning to regard my views as similar to those that the Roberts Court has expressed on the subject, although I hasten to add that even this Court's unfortunate views leave very substantial room for close regulation and even prohibition of entire categories of dangerous firearms and the ammunition that makes them lethal. The fact that many of my fellow gun control proponents were disappointed by the nuanced character of what I wrote in 2000 shouldn't be allowed to distract from my continuing conclusion that the Constitution permits, and that sane public policy demands, vastly stricter firearms regulation than exists in the United States today.""
These congressmen have received between $7,400 and $9,900 to "represent" the NRA: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Mike Coffman (R-Co), Rick Berg (R-ND), Jim Renacci (R-OH), Steve Fincher (R-TN), and more.
West Antarctica Warming Twice As Fast As Previously Believed: Study HuffPost Dec 24 2012
Election results: Senate
  • 6 Nov'12 Election: Through the process of an honest democratic election we regained a united country and have the opportunity to lift ours and the world economy out of the mini-depression that we got ourselves into through transgressions of Bankers and Wall Street and the inability to cooperate in the aftermath of the financial collapse.


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