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Nicholas Duran <>

  Calif Pizza Kitchen  11:30 Fri  

Hi Doug (and Lilyan)

Great to hear from you as well.

Nicholas Duran

I am a neighbor: (Home) 7306 Orien Ave La Mesa, CA 91941. across 8
Cell: 949-887-0172
Looking at my cal I have a Friday Lunch time open or we could do an early lunch on Thursday
Profession: Project and Program Management, Company TBD (as I am between gigs at the moment)

October 3 2017

This is great, we have a direct link - our phone # is 858 457 0077, we're at 8633 C Via Mallorca, La Jolla, just south of UCSD. Lets do lunch sometime nearby (our invitation!); maybe my wife Lilyan will join us, she's an anthropologist too! Will be great to see you after all these years, lots to talk about... and a true blast from the past

Where are you living now? And what's your metier?

October 3 2017

Hello Doug,

this is a blast from the past just thought I would email you and say hello. Hope things are going well for you and fam. How is our wonderful land of UCI?

We should do lunch sometime...

Respectfully, Nicholas Duran, PMP, SP, ITILv3

Cell: +1 949-887-0172

Linkedin not free


I checked in at Dunedin North Park on #Yelp

6:35 PM - 29 Sep 2017

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