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Start with unrestricted models. This program regarded as German lines. Complex program that illuminates the complexity of Human Cultural systems 

1. Professor has made a line up of all EduMods

2. Powerpoint lineup Amanda has debug the program. Do one step at a time, put depvar in first and run program.

Can see whether a mistake was made just by seeing the first error. Put depvar into unrestricted model. Amanda used Eff and Dow program as is, added depvar and added three things. Causality doesn’t lurk around every corner. Final model of predicting rape variable. Two of them knocked out the first. Once program running with depvar then add that variable to the list called indepvar. Once second change in indepvar done, then put in single line of new codes (at any time don’t put in more than a single line of new codes) Put your variables in unrestricted then restricted. Pretty Simple.

If its hard to find indepvars, go to literature and search for someone who has already used that variable. Google Scholar: SCCS + _____ This program is much more stringent than most because it controls for Galton’s Problem which is interdependency.

Galton’s problems is to make literature significant when it really is not. Bunches of societies that behave similarly, and thus made significant. This field is huge, covers all poli sci, sociological studies, International Relations etc.

The way people use databases is suspect. Get huge R square. GO TO LITERATURE, SEE WHAT PEOPLE HAVE FOUND AND REPLICATE THEIR HYPOTHESIS. If you get predictors out of them, have an even better case. Not what you find, but what you show in your argument. Can get negative and positive results. Can also think up new variable on your own. Money is in the Science. 1. Negative 2. Positive 3. Originality- thought of something no one else has Start with xUR DAY 9 is FULL OF ADVICE 

By the end of today will have notes on how to get to stage of getting to results. Start with Day 6.

use search in wikipages