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(R gui Examples). To choose model variables click Codebook and List. See also LRB Forager Visual Manual and EA Visual Manual[1]. See the youtube How to share histories. For DEf Gateway Live at: (1) click user, enter a username[2], add variables (as in menu to the left), including variable names to MAP in the last entry window at left and (2) find and press EXECUTE; Right column turns green (go), yellow (running), green: then (3) double click green "1 Def2 h" to modify input variables and Execute again. (4) Variable v51 appears in "Exogenous" which allows its square, sq51, to be recoded (Variable 1 definition: dx$v51^2) as a "Dependent" variable. Compare VM1 -VM2 -VM3 -VM4 Models from earlier DEf01 to later DEf03c - they relate to a preview of Wiley Chapter 5. <-- page 3 and Table 5 page 16. another example. To use the R gui click Examples[3] For other results see ClipsR.pdf DRW Shared Histories DEf01f Latest documentation background.
SCCS variable VM4 v51. NON-MATERNAL RELATIONSHIPS, INFANCY (mothers doing less with their infants tend to have husbands who do more for them according to indepvars: v1122,v52,v53,v626,v819,v149,v204,bio.11).
24cases . = Missing Data
5 cases: 1 = Almost Exclusively Mother -----> for variable 51 definitions see
81cases 2 = Principally Mother, others minor roles
63cases 3 = Principally Mother, others important roles
10cases 4 = Mother < 1/2 care: see p4 Table 2 cross-tab with SCCS var v54, Father does more for his Children
2 cases 5 = Mother minor but significant role with infant (THE MODEL SHOWS THE HUSBAND IS DOING EVEN MORE)
1 case 6 = Mother's infant care is minimal except for nursing THE HUSBAND('s slaves) ARE MOTHER'S HELPER(s) dx$v51[49]=36=6^2=62 or 6squared.
  • To test this model copy v51 and the indepvars into the first two square windows at Variable names: v1122 Log Population, v52,v53 Roles of Father, v626 Creation stories, v819 Importance of Trade, v149 Writing, v204 Hunting, bio.11 Temp of coldest quarter. Dont repeat any number twice in the first 5 CoSSci windows, e.g., by adding v204 to window 2 without removing it from window 3.


EXECUTE IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS MENU. Variable v51 can be described as Mostly Father (or in the Roman Empire: Slaves) as Mother's helper with Infant care. Fathers help for example among the Chiricahua, a commune in Soviet Russia, Siam, areas of West Africa and East of New Guinea. <-- This is the variable that sexologist Ira Reiss -- discussed in preliminary Wiley Ch5 -- was unable to understand
Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.29.07 PM.png
SCCS V1: Dependence on Trade. 49 Rome and 96 Manus highest dependence. Cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions
Anthon Eff & Abhradeep.Mahti 2013: SCCS New Map Format - Technological Complexity. Cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions

The big red dot on the map is Rome in 110AD (SCCS society 49) where slaves take care of infants not the Father or Mother.

  • Maps are served to the user only if requested, as for the dependent variable in the "Variable to Plot" lowest window, v51sq (Wife gets help with infant from husband or, for Roman elite, from slaves).

Figure 2: Single family dwellings DEf01b SCCS cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions
Figure 3: Women's work; cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions
Figure 4: V1649FrequencyInternalWarfare; cycles of lines contain local autocorrelation regions

Notes below

Printable Visual Manual.pdf.

  1. Please suggest improvements to the Virtual Manual pages to
  2. You can click Unnamed History, change its name and save your results by clicking on new history name. If (1) click user "enter username" doesnt work (not working as of 9-2013) see Visual_Manual#II_To_log_in_and_save_history.
  3. There's a 72_Society_SCCS_book_collection_at_the_School_for_Advanced_Research,_Santa_Fe available for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample at SAR, where there are also many ethnographies for Joseph G. Jorgensen. 1980. Western Indians: Comparative Environments, Languages and Cultures of 172 Western American Indian Tribes. W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd. .Dow-Eff_Functions_-_DEf#WNAI_Dow_Eff_Functions_for_172_Society_Jorgenson_database will soon be available.
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  • The latest version of the Dow-Eff functions (Manual: pdf; html) can perform analyses on four different ethnological datasets.”

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