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      InterSci Complexity wiki - Univ of Calif       paperback 'what could be the most important book in anthropology in fifty years'       Click: hardback edition White and Johansen       Click: Networks and Complexity Special Issue       Click: Structure and Dynamics/World Cultures eJournals       Click: volume edited with Tom Schweizer       Click:
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Publications in Pdf Networks and Ethno-Sociology
International Journal of Middle East Studies: Book Review "what could be the most important book in anthropology in fifty years" flyer Misunderstandings about formalization Countering Gender Discrimination in Science

2008 Europhysics Highlites  2007 best article award  2004 outstanding paper award  1990 Humboldt Award
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social science professor at the University of California Irvine; Editor, Structure & Dynamics- download statistics
Chair Social Dynamics & Complexity - IMBS, External Professor Santa Fe Institute of Science, Steering Committee, European Complex Systems Society '06-08 and ECCS'06,ECCS'07

Social Networks, French NSF Award resulting in KinSources -; UC-VideoConfSYMPOSIA, News, Anthropological Sciences

Databases hosted here include: Free download: Tutorial in public domain instructural and research materials for Cross-Cultural Research
SCCS (Standard Cross-Cultural Sample), Ethnographic Atlas, KinDemo 150, LINKAGES, Atlas of Archaeology , Group Compositions in Band Societies & links to ARCHAEOMEDES & AddHealth

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