Information Society as a Complex System

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Geoff West et al.
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Organization of Production Group

David Lane et al. check out: activity theory

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Sander van der Leeuw et al.

Networks Group

Luis Bettencourt Physics, Los Alamos National Lab Tipping the balances of a small world From boom to bust and back again: the complex dynamics of trends and fashions Ole Peters Physics, Imperial College Rain: Relaxations in the sky Tim Evans Physics, Imperial College Ray Rivers Physics, Imperial College Joseph Wehbe Doug White Jose Lobo, Visiting Researcher, Santa Fe Institute, and Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning: mathematical modeling and quantitative techniques, policy planning, and economic theory. Regional Science and the "New Economic Geography" Roberto Serra Serra, R., Villani, M. & Semeria, A. (2003): Robustness to damage of biological and synthetic networks. In W. Banzhaf, T. Christaller, P. Dittrich, J.T. Kim & J. Ziegler (eds): Advances in Artificial Life. Berlin: Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2801, 706-715 Serra, R. & Villani, M. (2002): Perturbing the regular topology of cellular automata: implications for the dynamics. In B. Chopard, M. Tomassini & S. Bandini (eds): Cellular Automata. Berlin: Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2493, 168-177