KINSHIP, SOCIAL BIOGRAPHY AND SOCIAL CHANGE DATABASE begun December, 1993, by D. White, M. Houseman and Thomas Schweizer (-1999)

Social Biographies, Change, and Development (SBCD) Databases: Social biographies of persons are linked or networked through kinship, occupation and social ties; social biographies of things through transmission and exchange, and that of ideas through communiques and symbolic culture. The idea of these databases is to begin to study these interlinked aspects of social biographies by mapping the ethnography and social genealogies of human groups as networks which sustain other social and economic processes. Each genealogical dataset may thus provide a detailed mapping of social processes for which there is an accompanying body of ethnographic studies (see Bibliography) Click here for

Datasets for Student Use -- programs for drawing and analyzing genealogies -- Bibliographies.

KinDemo 150 (ONE-FIFTY): Project on Longitudinal Studies of Kinship Demography, Cultural Traditions and Social Change, Local Ecologies and Development
Douglas R. White UCI, Michael Houseman EPHE
Anthropologists and others have compiled thousands of systematic genealogies, with kinship, sociocultural or demographic data over successive generations. These ethnographic data are of humanistic interest and of value in the study of social processes.
Filenames and descriptors are listed below for various types of datasets:

A. Demographic (.DEM files) includes birthdates, deathdates, sibling sets, demographically complete in terms of fertility, mortality, etc.

B. Text Data (.TXT files) standard genealogical format for names, spouses, parents, some birthdates, attributes, but incomplete demographic data

C. Vector Data (.VeD files) coding by couples (can be made from .TXT file using Ego2Cpl, but direct list of marriages was used in early studies)
P- Processed for P-GRAPH analysis (see SOFTWARE)
A- Author permission not released
F- Future project

We welcome further suggestions and contributions to the studies compiled below. We have made little attempt as yet to incorporate compatible historical demographic or anthropological demography projects that trace kinship links. The goal, however, is a sample of 250 cases. We have currently inventoried 143 (5 finished, 51 coded, 87 identified). The finished cases are !Kung, Pul Eliya, Tikopia, Sawahan elites, and European Royalty.

Some of these datasets have been compiled (c: courtesy of compiler) from published sources or contributed by ethnographers (in parentheses: authors, number of marriages, IP=In Process), * with permissions.
A. Demographic Databases: Currently 25 inventoried from 19 societies.
Funding by NSF, Institut d'Etudes Demographiques, etc.
  • P-DO1.TXT Dogon 1 (Cazes, Marie-Hélène 2601)* c: François Héran
  • P-DO2.TXT Dogon 2 (Cazes, Marie-Hélène 3731)* c: François Héran
  • P-MAZ.TXT Mazulu Gwembe (Scudder, Thayer 1898)* c: J. Lee and J. Stern
  • P-MUS-TXT Musulumba Gwembe (Colson, Elizabeth 290)* c: J. Lee and J. Stern
  • P-PIT.TXT Pitcairn Island (Nicholson, Robert) c: Carolyn Ebner
  • P-BEL.TXT Belen Tlaxcala (Nutini, White, Brudner-White 511)* c: D. White
  • P-TW1.DEM Twareg (Chaventré, André 2316)* c: François Héran
  • P-YAN-TXT Yanomam" (Chagnon, Napoleon 220 and Poss.IP) c: D. White
  • F-SIA-TXT Siameja Gwembe (Colson, Elizabeth IP)* c:James Lee, Jeff Stern
  • F-SIN-TXT Sinafwala Gwembe (Colson, Elizabeth IP)* c:James Lee, Jeff Stern
  • F-MAN-TXT Pere Village, Manus (Mead, Margaret IP) c: D. White
  • F-QUE-TXT Quebec (Charbonneau, Hubert Poss.IP) computerized database
  • A-TZI.DEM Tzintzuntzan, Morelos (Foster, George and Robert Kemper IP) c: Eric Widmer
    * ethnographers' computerized database
    Further Possibilities
  • P-BEV.TXT Sephardic Bevis Congregation of London (Whitehill, Geoffrey and Lionel Barnett) database c: Steve Berkowitz, Bill Fitzgerald
  • A-TLA-TXT Tlacualpan, Tlax. (Nutini, White, Brudner-White 511 IP)* c: D.White
  • A-TOT-TXT Totolac, Tlax. (Nutini, White, Brudner-White 511 IP)* c: D. White
  • A-APE-TXT Apetatitlan, Tlax. (Nutini, White, Brudner-White 511 IP)* c: D. White
  • A-AYO.TXT Ayoquezco, Oaxaca (Truex, Gregory 1156) author's database
  • F-MIS.DEM Missouri town (McDaniel, Chad Poss.IP)
  • F-LUN.DEM Lungtu, Taiwan (Pasternak, Burton Poss.IP)
  • F-KRM.DEM Karimpur, India (Wadley, Susan and Bruce Derr Poss.IP)
  • F-TUR.DEM Central Anatolia (Stirling, Peter Poss.IP) c: Michael Fischer -- ethnographers' computerized database
  • F-KOF.DEM Kofyar (Netting, Robert and Glenn Stone Poss.IP) -- ethnographers' computerized database
  • F-ALP.DEM Torbel, Swiss village (Netting, Robert Poss.IP) -- historical demographic database
  • A-QIN.DEM Qing Imperial Lineage 1644-1911 (Lee, James Lee) -- historical demographic database with marriage data
  • A-DAO.DEM Daoyi village, Liaoning (Lee, James Lee) -- historical demographic database with marriage data
    B. Genealogical Data from NSF Project on Empirical Kinship Networks: Currently 88 sets inventoried from 80 societies.
    Funding by NSF, Maison des Sciences Humaines, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, French Ministry of Research and Technology
  • P-KUN.TXT !Kung of Nyae Nyae (Marshall, Lorna 127) c: D. White
  • P-TUA.VED Udalen Tuareg (Guignard, Erik 291) c: M. Houseman
  • P-LIG.TXT Ligomba, Ndenveuli, Tanzania (Gulliver, Phil 35) c: M. Houseman
  • F-FAN-TXT Fanti (Kronenfeld, David Poss.IP)
  • F-BER-TXT Berti (Holy, Ladislav IP)
  • F-GAD-TXT Gada (Legesse, Asmmom IP)
  • F-JIE-TXT Jie (Gulliver, Philip IP)


  • P-TLI.TXT Tlingit (Durlach, Teresa 122) c: D. White
  • F-SNO-TXT Southern Nootka (Swadesh, Morris Poss.IP)
  • F-NNO-TXT Northern Nootka (Drucker, Philip Poss.IP)
  • F-BLL-TXT Bella Coola (McIlraith, Thomas Poss.IP)
  • P-KWA.TXT Kwakiutl (Hunt, George IP) c: D. White, intra-house only
  • P-KAR.TXT Karluk Aleut (Taylor, Kenneth J. 70) c: Phillip Noetzel
  • F-NUN-TXT Nunivak Eskimo (Lantis, Margeret IP) c:
  • P-OMA.TXT Omaha (Barnes, Robert from Dorsey 1000) c: Janel Tortorice
  • F-NAV.TXT Navaho (Reichard, Gladys IP) c: Lisa Ahern (PARTIAL)
  • P-NAT.VED Natchez nobility (White, Douglas 38) c: D. White
  • F-CHO-TXT Choctaw (Eggan, Fred Poss.IP)
  • P-MAK.VED Makuna (Arhem, Kaj 118) c: D. White
  • P-OCA.VED Pakaa-Nova (Vilaca, A.N. 132) c: M. Houseman
  • P-PKN.VED Parakana (Fausto, Carlos 185)* c: M. Houseman
  • P-TRI.VED Trio (Rivi"+"ère, Peter 460) c: M. Houseman
  • P-WET.VED Arawete (Vivieros de Castro, Eduardo 179)* c: M. Houseman
  • F-KAI.VED Kaingang (Henry, Jules IP) c: D. White
  • P-SHA.VED Akwe-Shavante (Maybury-Lewis, David IP) c: M. Houseman
  • F-MUC.VED Mucajai Yanomama (Early, John & John Peters Poss.IP)
  • F-SUY.VED Suya (Seeger, Anthony IP)
  • F-KAG.VED Kagwahiv (Kracke, Waud IP)

    South Asia:

  • P-PUL.TXT Pul Eliya Dry Zone Sinhalese (Leach, Edmund 115) c: D. White, M. Houseman
  • P-MYS.VED Bogada, Wet Zone Mysore (Banerjee, Bhavani 312) c: D. White
  • P-MOR.VED Moratitiyan Wet Zone Sinhalese (Robinson, Marguerite S. 37) c: M. Houseman
  • P-PUR.VED Purum (Das, Tarakchandra 131) c: M. Houseman (no relinking)
  • P-GAR.VED Garo (Nakane, Chie 96) c: M. Houseman and D. White
  • P-KHA.VED Urban Khasi (Boeck, Monika IP 137) c: Monica Boeck
  • F-KAL-TXT Kalpeni Island, India (Kutty, A. R. IP)
  • F-WAN-TXT "Wangala" Wet Zone Mysore (Epstein, T. S. Poss.IP)
  • F-DAL-TXT "Dalena" Dry Zone Mysore (Epstein, T. S. Poss.IP)
  • F-TER-TXT Terutenne Dry Zone Sinhalese (Yalman, Nur 50 IP) c: D. White
  • F-VIL-TXT Vilawa Dry Zone Sinhalese (Yalman, Nur 90 IP) c: D. White
  • F-MAD-TXT Madagama Wet Zone Sinhalese (Obeyesekere, Ganatath 80 IP)
  • F-TOD-TXT Todas (Rivers, W.H.R. IP)
  • F-REN-TXT Rengsanggri Garo (Burling, Robbins IP)
  • F-KAN-TXT Kangra (Parry, Jonathan IP)

    East Asia:

  • P-JAV.VED Javanese village elites (Schweizer, Thomas 30)* c: D. White
  • P-DUK.VED Dukuh hamlet, Indonesia (Schweizer, Thomas 114)* c: D. White
  • P-KRA.TXT Kradjan village, Indonesia (Jay, Robert 38) c: M. Houseman
  • P-MAR.VED Martruna elites, Indonesia (Huesken, Frans 26) c: D. White
  • P-MOD.TXT Modjokuto, Indonesia (Geertz, Hilda 37) c: Donna
  • F-MON-TXT Mon and Thai (Foster, Brian Poss.IP)
  • F-MRB-TXT Marobo (Bernard-Clamagirand, Brigitte IP)
  • F-CHI-TXT Chinese clans (Lui, Hui-chen Poss.IP)
  • F-XDI-TXT Ex-Diamyo 14th C. Japan (Bowles, Gordon Poss.IP)
  • F-REG-TXT Regents of Java (Sutherland, Heather IP)
  • F-HAN-TXT Han family of E. Java (Salmon, Claudine IP)


  • P-ENC-TXT Encomenderos of New Spain (Himmerich, Robert IP ca.800) c: D. White
  • F-PER-TXT Conquerors of Peru (Lockhart, James IP ca.300) c: D. White
  • P-GAB.VED St. Gabriel, Quebec (Gagné, Yolande-Lynda 303) c: D. White
  • P-ROI.VED French Kings (compilation 24) see Kng c: Alain Degenne
  • P-KNG.VED French Kings (compilation 28) see Roi c: D. White
  • P-VIC.VED Queen Victoria (Miller-Brown, Conrad 106 ) c: Alexandra Viksman
  • P-ROY.TXT European Royalty (BBS Database 1710) c: Thang Tran
  • P-TRY.TXT Tory Islanders, Ireland (Fox, Robin 110) c: M. Houseman
  • P-MAL.VED Multibiographic Snippet (Malinowski, Stephen 12)
  • F-FEI.TXT Feistritz, Carinthia (Brudner-White, Lilyan 1406) c: D. White
  • F-GEV-TXT Gevaudan, Lozere, France (Claverie, Elis., Pierre LaMaison Poss.IP)
  • F-CON.TXT Central American Elites (Stone, Samuel IP) c: Fabio Flouty, Dolores Delgado
  • F-BIG-TXT Bigouden, Brittany (Segalen, Martine Poss.IP)
  • F-ELM.VED Elmdon (Strathern, Marilyn IP)


  • P-WSC.TXT Wisconsin Hunt Club (donated Seville, Jon IP) c:
  • P-PRE.VED American Presidents (Roberts, Gary 220) c: Christina Klein Roemer
  • P-TOP.TXT Top of the Mountain (Bryant, Carlene 87) c: M. Houseman
  • P-PCC.TXT Hatfields and McCoys (Altina Waller)
  • F-FRE-TXT 18th C. Free African Americans (Heinegg, Paul IP)
  • F-FAM.TXT La Famiglia (Ianni, Francis IP) c: Tamara Teghillo
  • F-AME-TXT Americans of Jewish descent (Stern, Malcolm IP) c:
  • F-CLU-TXT Jewish Family Clubs in NYC (Mitchell, William IP) c:
  • F-AMA-TXT Amish (Hurd, J. P. IP) c:

    Near Eastern:

  • P-CAN.VED Canaan Genealogy Old Testament 28)* c: D. White & P. Jorion
  • F-BIB.VED Biblical Genealogy (Grannis, Rick 1068 IP)
  • P-HAS.VED Lubavitcher Hasidic Leadership (Berger-Sofer, Sofia 18) c: D. White
  • P-KOM.VED Komachi (Bradburd, Daniel 29) c: D. White
  • F-MOH.TXT Hashimite Mecca Dynasties (Jester, Ben 236 IP) [MEC. HSH.]
  • F-SAU-TXT Saudi Royalty (Lacey, Robert; Helen Lackner IP) c: Kelly Root, Mike Davis
  • F-BED-TXT Bedouin of Israel (Kressel, Gideon Poss.IP)
  • F-NOM-TXT Turkish Nomads (Johansen, Ulla IP)

    North Eurasia:

  • F-SAM-TXT Tavgi Samoyeds (G.M. Afanas'ev, G. M. IP)


  • P-ADN.VED Adnyamathanya (Davis, Christine 121)
  • P-BEN.VED Bentinck Islanders (Tindale, Norman B. 278)
  • P-GRO.TXT Groote Eyland (Rose, Frederick 287) c: D. White (includes kinship term data for 221x221 persons, updated by Peter Worsley)
  • F-WAL-TXT Walbiri (Meggitt, M.J. IP)
  • F-TIW-TXT Tiwi (Goodale, Jane POSS.IP)
  • P-KEA.TXT Port Keats (Falkenberg, Austug) c: Chuck Gegenworth
  • P-KAU.TXT Kaurareg (Moore, David) c: D. White
  • P-ALY.VED Alyawarra (Denham, Woodrow) c: M. Houseman
  • F-ALY.TXT Alyawara (Denham, Woodrow LOST BY HRAF)
  • P-WIL.VED Wilcannia (Memmot, Paul) c: M. Houseman
  • P-ADY.VED Adnyamathnya (Davis and Wilton) c: M. Houseman
  • P-oo1.TXT Oodnadatta (Gibson, Jan) c: M. Houseman
  • P-NY1.TXT Nyungar, part of (Tilbrook, Lois) c: M. Houseman
  • P-YAR.TXT Yaraldi (south Australia - book owned by Merika Moisseff)


  • P-SAR.VED Sarmi (Van der Leeden, Lex 171) c: F.Tjon Sie Fat
  • P-WAM.VED Wampar (Fischer, Hans 440)* c: Walter Schultze
  • P-ARP.TXT Arapesh (Mead, Margaret) c: Kevin Trinh, Tam Pham, Tuan-Tu Nguyen, Tranh Trinh, Cindy Nguyen
  • F-ILA-TXT Ilahita Arapesh (Tuzin, Donald POSS.IP)
  • F-TOR.TXT Torres Straits Gumuliag (Rivers, W.H.R. 494 IP) c: M. Houseman
  • F-BUI.NEV Buin (Keil, Jared IP)
  • F-UME-TXT Umeda (Gell, Alfred POSS.IP)
  • F-LAK-TXT Lakalai (Chowning, Ann IP)
  • F-GRI-TXT Garia (Lawrence, Peter POSS.IP)
  • F-ONA-TXT Onabasulu (Ernst, Thomas POSS.IP)
  • F-KWO-TXT Kwaio (Keesing, Roger POSS.IP)
  • F-PUK-TXT Pukapuka (Tiro, TPoss.IPuia & E. Beaglehole POSS.IP)
  • F-MAT.TXT Matupit (Epstein, A. L. ?IP) currently clan level by generation
  • F-KWO-TXT Kwoma (Bowden, Ross POSS.IP)
  • F-ETO-TXT Etoro (Kelly, Raymond POSS.IP)
  • F-CHS-TXT Choiseul (Scheffler, Harold IP) c:


  • A-TRU-TXT Trukese (Goodenough, Ward/Anne B. Hyde) c. Pat Skyhorse, Ted Lowe


  • F-RAN.VED Rangiroa (Ottino, Paul IP)
  • P-ANU.VED Anuta (Feinberg, Richard 207)
  • P-RAP.VED Rapanui (McCall, Grant 2924)* author's computerized database
  • P-RA2.VED Rapanui (McCall, Grant) early period c:Susann Bedford
  • P-MAU.TXT Keanae Maui Hawaiians (Linnekin) c: Jan Emanuele
  • F-TON.VED Tonga (Gailey, Christine, and...) c: Fabio Flouty
  • P-TIK.TXT/TIA Tikopia (Firth, Raymond 191) c: D. White
  • P-HAW.VED Hawaiian Royalty (Melenani Kuali'i, Carolyn IP)

    for citations to the cases cited above (A, B)

    SEE: Case Studies of Genealogical and Social Data __ (BIBLIOGR)

    compiled by Douglas R. White, 1993


  • P-111.VEM Nuclear family PGraph illustration
  • P-ALY.VEM Alyawara kinship rules (Denham, Woodrow W.)
  • P-ARA.VEM Aranda marriage sections and marriage rules
  • P-CUI.VEM Cuiva marriage sections and marriage rules
  • P-DRA.VEM Dravidian two-line terminology
  • P-FZD.VEM Moiety with FZD marriage
  • P-MOI.VEM Moiety with matrilines
  • P-MUR.VEM Possible Murngin (Warner) marriage sections and rules (Jorion)
  • P-NAM.VEM Nambicuara model
  • P-NAT.VEM Natchez aristocracy (White, Murdock, Scaglion)
  • P-NGA.VEM Ngatimi kinship rules
  • P-RED.VEM Reduced American Presidents (Roberts, Gary Boyd)
  • P-PAT.VEM Patrilocal moiety
  • P-TR2.VEM Reduced Trio Marriages (Rivi"+"ère, Peter)
  • P-TWO.VEM Kariera system
  • P-000.VEM Age skewed marriage rules 0
  • P-O1L.VEM Age skewed marriage rules 1
  • P-O2L.VEM Age skewed marriage rules 2
  • P-O4L.VEM Age skewed marriage rules 4
  • P-TST.VEM Marriage circle illustration
  • P-CHA.VEM Marriage chain illustration

    D. Experimental Datasets

  • A2N.VED Adam to Nahor (Grannis, Rick)
  • N2S.VED Noah to Sarug (Grannis, Rick)
  • S2Z.VED Noah to Zerubbabel (Grannis, Rick)
  • Z2J.VED Zerubbabel to Jesus (Grannis, Rick)
  • BIX.VED Experimental Biblical (Grannis, Rick)
  • P-BE2.VED Experimental Belen data (Nutini, White, Brudner)
  • P-BEM.VED Experimental Belen data (Nutini, White, Brudner)
  • P-CCC.VED Experimental Genesis - Article
  • P-G1C.VED Experimental St. Gabriel, Quebec
  • P-GGG.VED Version of Santa Maria Ayoquezco (Truex, Gregory)
  • P-GRB.-GRO.-GRR.-GRX.-GRY.-GRZ.VED Groote Eylandt experiments
  • P-GXY.VED Groote Eylandt experimental 284
  • P-JIM.VED Groote Eyland Jim Hess version
  • P-OCC.VED Pakaa-Nova (Vilaca, A.N.) - Experimental
  • P-RA0.VED Experimental Rapanui
  • P-TRX.VED Experimental Santa Maria Ayoquezco (Truex, Gregory)
  • P-TU1.VED Tuareg Udalen (Guignard, Erik 194)
  • P-XX1.VED
  • P-XX2.VED
  • P-XX3.VED
  • P-XXY.VED Experimental Trio - consanguinal
  • P-YYY.VED Longer version of Dukuh ??
  • P-ZZZ.VED Yanomamo Experiments

    E. Kinship among Non-Humans

  • P-CUY.VED Cuyo Santiago Rhesus kinship (Sade, Donald)


  • P-CNQ TXT conquerors: Spanish version
  • P-MA1 TXT Mazulu
  • need name of Wis Hunt Club c: and Modjokuto c: (Donna) Choiseul c: