University of Modena and Reggio Study Group, UCI Visit, October 2004

Nine students from the FACOLTA' DI SCIENZE DELLA COMUNICAZIONE E DELL'ECONOMIA study group are visiting UCI October 15-30 at the invitation of the Social Dynamics and Evolution - Focused Research Group within the INSTITUTE FOR MATHEMATICAL BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES. Purposes of the visit are to investigate the possibilities for entering one of the UCI PhD programs, to continue a lecture series given by UCI faculty that began at their home department the previous academic year, to make new contacts with UCI faculty and students, and to learn about UCI research projects and programs. They come from the Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, a high-technology university in the Po Valley, one of Italy's dynamic Industrial District areas, and center for the fashion, food, electronics and growing biotechnology industries. The new-economy academic programs in Reggio are an offshoot of the historic University of Modena, which like that of Bologna, is one of Italy's great academic centers. UCI has EAP and faculty exchange programs with Bologna, but not yet with Modena-Reggio. Describing their background, "Our degree program provided us a varied and heterogeneous preparation focusing on the new-economy field and a broad group of subject areas: network analysis, communication, economics, computing and informatics, complexity theory, statistics, and other areas of the management and social sciences. As a group, one of our favourite topics is the application of the social science and networks research to the new-economy. We would like, in fact, to take advantage of this expedition in your country, which is the world-wide leader in the e-business or e-commerce and related scientific sectors, to increase our knowledge and experience. Considering the profound interest aroused in all of us from the lectures you presented here in Reggio in December, and after discussions with professor David A. Lane to obtain funding for the expedition,, we thought that we would like to study more in depth the analysis of social networks, which is at the base of your researches in biotechnology, civilizational networks, trade, and other topics of interest to us."

Members of the study group complete a 5 year BA/MA program this spring, the Lauree Specialistiche: CLERI - Corso di Laurea in Economia, Reti, Informazione
They are 9 students, 8 males and 1 female:

  • 1.. Alex Graudenzi
  • 2.. Stefano Pedrazzi - interested in entering a graduate PhD program in the US in fall 2005 - - LinkedIn
  • 3.. Simone Righi - interested in entering a graduate PhD program in the US in fall 2005 - 2010 - Ph. D. Student in Economics at FUNDP - LinkedIn
  • 4.. Luca Toni
  • 5.. Paolo Guiglia - sistemi informativi - Gruppo CBS S.p.A. Bologna area - LinkedIn
  • 6.. Alessandro Filisetti
  • 7.. Fabio Ruini, cell phone in the U.S.A.: + 39 338 2997061
  • 8.. Chiara Damiani - interested in entering a graduate PhD program in the US in fall *2006*
  • 9.. Luca Ansaloni, cell phone in the U.S.A.: +39 339 4972387 - working with David Lane on the ISCOM project


    Duran Bell. "Stephanie agrees that it would be nice to host a couple of students, preferably two of the same sex (sharing a single bathroom that is entered through one of the bedrooms.) I can certainly get them to school and back." [Duran is in Laguna Beach, one town to the south of Irvine, far from campus]

    B. Nick Colby. "One is fine, or I can host up to three if two are willing to share a room. Also, I will be making full day's trips to campus this fall so transportation shouldn't be the problem." [Nick lives fairly near campus, although not walking distance].

    Keith Finlay, Econ grad student, 5024 Verano Place and 949-295-2418. cell phone 949-294-0847 is renting his room to one of the students, and this will serve as a point of contact for the group as they drive down from LAX and make contact with their hosts, arriving after 5:15 but exact time unknown.

    Garrett Asay is also renting his room to one of the students. 5816 Verano Place Irvine, CA 92617 Cell: (949) 412-5158
    I'll plan on being at my apartment from 5:15 on Friday. Looking forward to a fruitful and interesting two weeks!

    Fabio and Luca, as noted above, have working cell phones for Friday contacts

    We are happy to hear from other volunteers for hosting our visitors, all of whom are fluent in English. Undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty are all welcome to volunteer; some of the expenses incurred will be compensated. Contact the chair of the focused research group, Doug White, drwhite at or 858 452 9957/457 0077.

    The general schedule and tuesday/thursday mini-lecture series with Doug White

    M-W-F Events - on these days some of our UCI faculty and graduate students will give hour/hour and a half presentations or discussions

    To arrange a presentation (our program can provide space and equipment) contact drwhite [at] or 858 452 9957/457 0077.

    Background, Preparation

    Doug White gave 6 lectures in December 2003 to the 25 students in CLERI cohort at Reggio university. For the CLERI study group to continue to gain background in the field of Social Networks, we might ask Linton C. Freeman to present his concept map (CMAP) of Social Network Analysis. To do this exploration you might also want to
    download CMAP and install the software