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Since 1985 the the Wenner-Gren and NSF funded a group of anthropologists involved in creating a series of longitudinal databases for studies of economic development and community level change in long-term anthropological field sites, with collaborations including:
1) Colson and Scudder's 4 Tonga village sites in Gwembe, Zambia,
2) Brudner and White's Feistritz village site in Carinthia, Austria,
3) Nutini, Brudner and White's factory and 4 village sites in Tlaxcala, Mexico,
4) Goodenough et al.'s Trukese site in Micronesia,
5) McCall's Rapanui (Easter Island) site in Polynesia,
6) Dorsey's Historic Omaha archival materials,
7) Lee's Chinese Imperial lineage archival materials,
8) Van Kemper and Foster's Tzintzuntzan village and migration project.
9) Schweizers' Sawahan (Indonesia) village project.
Our 1986-89 NSF and Wenner-Gren awards used the first site as a test case for development of a longitudinal social demographic methodology now being carried through in other sites.
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