Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences and Department of Economics
Conference on Decentralization
 Schedule of Events
Social Science Plaza A, room 2112.
Conference aims: Wednesday Evening: Reception for Conference Participants (RSVP)

4:30-8:00: Wine and light buffet dinner at Arthur De Vany's home, 72 Whitman Court, Irvine, CA, 949-509-9207.  The house is on campus up the hill from the main campus.  Check map that came with earlier material.

Thursday Morning:       Brains and Organisms

9:00: William Calvin,   Neurophysiology, University of Washington, School of Medicine
"Bootstrapping Consciousness via Darwinian Processes"

10:00: Gary Lynch and Linda Palmer, Psychiatry and Human Behavior, UCI
"Superordinate States of the Cortical Telencephalon"

11:00: Steven Frank, Evolutionary Biology, UCI
"Biological Evolution of Cooperation among Simple Organisms"

12:00: Lunch, UCI Faculty Club

Thursday Afternoon: Cognition and Inference

2:00: Linda Smith, Psychology, Indiana University
"Decentralized Cognition Categories"

3:00: Brian Skyrms, Philosophy of Science, UCI
"Evolution of Inference"

4:00: Esther Thelen, Psychology, Indiana University
"Decentralized Processes in Early Perceptual-Motor Development"

Friday Morning: Dynamics and Architecture

9:00: Keith Still, Orchid Fractal Engineering Limited
"Modeling Crowd Dynamics using Interactive Agents"

10:00: Duncan Watts, Santa Fe Institute
"Dynamics of Small-World Networks"

11:00: Doug White, Social Networks, UCI
" The Invisible State: Radial Cohesion in a Decentralized Social System"

12:00: Lunch and talk by Scott Kelso, Physiology, Florida Atlantic University
"How Things Cohere or Principles of Dynamic Pattern Formation and Change for a Science of Human Behavior", UCI Faculty Club

Friday Afternoon: Understanding Decentralized Systems

2:00: Ken Arrow, Operations Research and Economics, Stanford University
"Centralization and Decentralization at Different Logical Levels"

3:00: Donald Saari, Mathematics, Northwestern University
"Using Arrow's Theorem to Understand Decentralization"

4:00: Michelle Chi, Psychology, Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
"Why Decentralized Concepts are Hard to Learn"

Saturday Morning: Foresight and Planning in Decentralized Systems

9:00: Eric Baum, NEC Research Institute
"Emergent Planning from Evolution of an Artificial Economy"

10:00: Karaswamy Velupillai, Department of Economics, Queen's University of Belfast
" Hayek and Pareto on Mechanisms for Decentralization"

11:00: Lars-Erik Cederman, Political Science, UCLA
"Modeling the Democratic Peace as a Kantian Selection Process"

Saturday Afternoon: Local and Aggregate Information in Decentralized Systems

1:00: Charles Plott, Economics, California Institute of Technology
"Information Dissemination, Aggregation and Rational Expectations in
Laboratory Experimental Environments"

2:00: Padhraic Smyth,   Computer Science, UCI
"From medical diagnosis to error-correcting codes: the ubiquity of local message-passing algorithms in decision-making"

3:00: Susanne Lohmann, Political Science, UCLA and Center for Advanced Studies
"Stand Up and Be Counted: Mass Complicity and Mass Action in East Germany, 1949-1998"

6:00: Ending dinner at a restaurant to be selected.