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the scholars
Hayden's great great great grandfather Solon Constantine White
Hayden's great great grandfather S. Marx White
Katie31 flickr

hayden's first videophone-call

family links

  • Mary Coffield at 100 years
  • Hayden Sebastian White b 7/6/5 it turns out we have a fish!

    The new father's 3-week trip to India - photos

  • Scott Douglas White

  • Katie and Scott
  • Lilyan A. Brudner-White
  • family web site
  • TheWhiteGirls Leanna and Lynnea
  • family site (prior edition)
  • Anna White 1981-2001
  • Anna White Foundation
  • The Pugs - Solomon and Giovanni Their cousin Rudy Boston The first pug in the family to have his picture in Wikipedia!
  • Doug's Photos The Ramblin' Boys

    friends and visits

    Lilyan, Du Haifeng, Doug, Pugs