Lilyan A. White, anthropology & social science specialist at the University of California Irvine

Curriculum Vitae Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Amdur genealogy

Selected Publications [My Picture] Maison Suger, Paris (click for another photo, 8888 La Jolla Scenic) [drw] Madeleine Island WI 1985 or so - Rogers family compound [lbw] with Scott, Madeleine Island WI 1985 or so --- and La Jolla, 2001 [lbw]
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    Lilyan and Scott, Santa Fe Institute, 1990
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    il_Professore.jpg il_Professore (right) Eternally beautiful Carinthia, Austria (Karnten) in the Carnic Alps exactly adjacent to Tarvisio, Italy and Slovenia, divided from Slovenia after World War I and the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Left: a view of the major fieldwork village, Feistritz an der Gail, seen from a balcony in the adjacent town of Notsch. Right: similar. Down right: Elizabeth and Susanah, the grandaughters of my best informant, Johann (Hansie) Jannach. Bottom: the city of Villach about l7 kilomets away, a major transit point into Eastern Europe, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

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