Historic Photo of the MSSB Symposium on Social Networks, Dartmouth, Sept 18-21, 1975

Gateway to INSNA, International Network for Social Network Analysis

Social Networks Analytic Technologies and Software Packages

  • StatNet and sna
  • UCINet
  • Pajek and Ljubljana programs new procedures documentation
  • KrackPlot home page: a social network visualization program
  • UC Irvine Graduate Program in Social Networks: Now part of IMBS


    Freeman's history of social networks Vancouver, BC, Canada: Empirical Press, 2004

    Netzwerkanalyse. Eine praxisorientiere Einführung Part one: Methoden der Ethnographie, Hartmut Lang und Michael Schnegg.

    CASOS cmu Kathy Carley's Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems site
    A more direct link to ORA and
    ORA user's guide:

    OrgNet.com Valdis Krebs' site

    Large Scale Conversations Warren Sacks

    NetVis Jon Cummings


    SocioSite: Networks, Groups and Social Interaction

    Formation of Economic and Social Networks
    and Computational Laboratory for Evolutionary Trade Networks (pdf- text only)

    NetVis: Lothar Kremple's Gallery of Social Structures The Network gallery documents work in progress in our efforts to visualize social structures. The aim is to develop experience how automatic procedures can be combined with aesthetics to ease insight into usually complex phenomena (Gallery of Social Structures)

    The Max-Planck-Institut fur Gesellschaftsforschung (Organization Research) home-page in Cologne, Germany, where Kremple is located

    Walsh's classroomsociometrics

    Projects of Doug White - Linkages, Elites, Matrimonial and Social History Networks, Cross-Cultural and Longitudinal Research

    social capital web site


  • Linton C. Freeman's summary of his network research
  • Tom Snijders' Social Network Analysis page
  • Stanley Wasserman's Social Networks page
  • The Vancouver Network Analysis Team William D. Richards and Andrew J. Seary
  • Barry Wellman's home page
  • Alvin Wolfe homepage
  • Russ Bernard's homepage
  • Steve Borgatti's home page
  • Thomas Schweizer
  • Michael Schnegg and Julia Pauli
  • Klaus Auer Network Simulation
  • Vladimir Batagelj
  • Andrej Mrvar
  • Gery Ryan
  • Jim Dow's home page
  • Doug White's home page
  • A social network theory of tie strength and media use C. Haythornthwaite
  • Studying Online Social Networks Laura Garton, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Barry Wellman


    Social Networks Social Networks journal

    INSNA Insna Home Page

    SOCNET Social Networks List Server (signup)

    Link to SNA related home pages (and back to INSNA), including the following:

    The Center for the Study of Group Processes is located at the University of Iowa. Its new home page provides (or soon will provide) links to information on projects at the Center, pointers to reference material, upcoming and recent conferences, publication outlets for research on groups, faculty affiliates, and more.

    International Classification Society home page!

    iec ProGAMMA, the Social Science Information Technology Server.

    Field Methods - TOC

    CAM Cultural Anthropology Methods - TOC


    NetSyl96 Network Theories of Social Structure, Prof. Doug White, Social Networks, University of California, Irvine

    NetSyl97 Network Theories of Social Structure, Prof. Doug White, Social Networks, University of California, Irvine

    NetSyl98 Network Theories of Social Structure, Prof. Doug White, Social Networks, University of California, Irvine

    Social Dynamics and Self-Organizing Systems, Prof. Doug White, Social Networks, University of California, Irvine

    Complexity : Network Dynamics, Adaptive Agents, and Theory of Games, Prof. Doug White, Social Networks, University of California, Irvine

    Social Network Analysis , Prof. Robert A. Hanneman of the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside. Working Bibliography on Social Network Analysis Methods

    Social Network Analysis Cindy Webster

    Social Network Analysis Methods, Phil Bonacich

    Communication Networks in Organizations Craig Scott

    Social Network Analysis of Very Large Datasets (project description) Alaina Michaelson, Charles Kadushin, et al.

    Integrative Knowledge Project: Social Networks

    Business Links

    Galesburg Physicians Valdis Krebs

    Financial Services Company: Social Network Analysis, Valdis Krebs

    Valdis Krebs

    Working in the Connected Economy: Social Networks, led by Karen Stephenson

    Syllabi- social networks