Summer Reading - mathematical anthropology and mathematical modeling of human society

I was pleased to get the request from a prospective student with these interests -

To answer your question as to my interests, so far I find almost all of the literature of your field (albeit much of what I have read so far has consisted of your papers), mathematical anthropology and mathematical modeling of human society, to be interesting. With this fascination has come a desire to be a part of current research as soon as possible, and graduate school begins to seem a likely path.

In this spirit, could you suggest to me any papers and texts that contain either the knowledge which you expect your own graduate students to have or which you wish them to have when they first start their studies? Hopefully, after I have digested any such suggestions you may have and pried around in journals to perhaps better understand the current state of the field...

Here are some suggestions -


Anthropology and Networks Mathematical Anthropology Networks and Graph Theory