World Cultures journal (ISSN 1045-0564): paper, CD rom, and internet

WORLD CULTURES NOW PUBLISHED AT UC eRepositories Peer Review Journal Site Starting with issues 16 and 17 and eventually working back to put earlier issues online. World Cultures is an electronic journal, founded by Douglas R. White in 1985 and currently edited by J. Pat Gray: articles, databases, programs and manuals for instructional and research applications for comparative and cross-cultural research. From volume 10-15 the journal was published on paper with accompanying CD ROMs that are still available from William Divale. See: Best of the Web: eclectic anthrotech.

Volumes 9.2 -forward, under the Editorship of Pat Gray; Bill Divale, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Volumes 7 - 9.1, under the Editorship of Pat Gray and Peter Peregrine; Analytic Technologies, Publisher

Volume 6, under the Editorship of Greg Truex
contains Ethnographic Atlas On-Line Tabulation software by Michael Fischer

Volumes 1 - 5, under the Editorship of Douglas R. White

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